Friday, 29 January 2016

I Am Back and Suggestions

After a difficult month - of which both a GP and a Psychiatrist asked if I was going to hurt myself ( I would never) - I am back from a week in Melbourne with good friends and with a rested and renewed spirit ready to get back into putting into place those baby steps needed to take better care of both my mental health and my physical health.

Blogging will resume later today.


I am keen to hear anything that you would like to see on the blog.  So leave your requests / suggestions in the comment box.

Shalom all :)



Luke said...

So glad you're back! No suggestions for the blog...just enjoy what you offer and in your excellent presentation! Suspect you're already in Shabbat time - I'm looking forward to it in about 15 hours - so wish you all the peace and rest Shabbat brings. Luke

Jimmy said...

Did you see any of those gorgeous tennis players while in Melbourne?
Hope you did. That would lift my spirits!

Carry on....

Damien said...

Luke - thank you. Will take your advice. Hope your Shabbat was a good one.

Grouchy - sadly no - though Melbourne is FULL of gorgeous looking men.

BosGuy said...

Glad to read you are back home. I love Melbourne and hope you had a nice time with friends while you were there.

As for suggestions:
I'm always curious what is happening in Australia since those of us who live far away don't often know.

How is the summer progressing?

Share some photographs of your time in Melbourne if you have them or perhaps elsewhere in Australia.

Damien said...

BG - shall do mate :)

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