Thursday, 4 February 2016

2 Travel - My Recent Trip To Melbourne

Sooooooooooo I recently went to visit some wonderful friends of ours in Melbourne for a week of rest and recharge. 

And here are the pics! (Click to engorge and enjoy)


Melbourne Central Shopping Centre Clocktower

Melbourne CBD

Federation Square

"The Boys" took me to lunch at a cafe that was a train car perched on the roof 4 stories above the street.   And the burgers and mac n cheese were amazing:)

Obligatory Bath Pic - you know I'd do one.
Meanwhile The Boys' tub was so big I could almost do laps!

My attempt at Indian food.  Not really for me. Glad I tried it though

Now this!  Buttermilk pancakes.  Blueberry compote.  Bubblegum Ice Cream.
Popping Candy sprinkles. Edible Flowers.  Oh My Gawd Becky!

And these are pics of the gorgeous suburb The Boys live in :)


Hot guys blog said...

Beautiful. Looks like you've had a great time in Australia! ^_^

Damien said...

Hot guys - I live 1500km (900miles) north of Melbourne in Brisbane.
But it does feel like a different country. The two cities are so different which is why i love them so much.