Friday, 5 February 2016

Banyo - Where I Live

Banyo is a suburb on the north side of Brisbane and is my home suburb :)

It's a cute, up and coming area that is extremely green with lots of trees and some wonderfully preserved homes.  It is also only a 20min drive to either the CBD or the airport so it's a great location for commuters.

I like it because it is a diverse suburb of Muslims, senior citizens, young families, quite a few gay men and lesbians and is a really relaxed place to live.

People seem friendly and I like that :) Very much a "neighbourhood" feel.



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Fit Studs said...

It's lovely, Damien. Seems cozy! :)

Damien said...

Very much so.

Luke said...

Thanks for sharing...looks to be a lovely place to live!

Damien said...

I like it Luke :)