Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Hasty Pudding Recipient

JGL was awarded the Hasty Pudding award this year.

As usual there were men in drag and "obstacles" galore.  JGL and every recipient before have always faced this with good humour and grace.  JGL was no different.

He had to dry hump a man in drag and suck on a cow teet. 

I will say this - he can suck a cow tit with a REALLY nice pucker.  I'm not saying anything.
I'm just saying he got skills.

Skills I'd like to experience.




LP - Hired Stud said...

he's hot.

Damien said...

Agreed - id let him put the tip in.

Hot guys blog said...

Ummm, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is incredible.
Watched him with that YouTube star, Todrick Hall.
So real, so open, so charming.

Cy said...

Damien, he looks like he could take more than the tip. I think he is so hot.