Thursday 31 March 2016

Are Blogs Dying A Slow Death?

I started my blog back in March of 2009. 

It was at the suggestion of my wonderful "Bubb" who impressed upon me the need for an outlet both for my intellect and my creativity.  Plus, I secretly think he was hoping if I was writing about stuff, then I wouldn't be constantly bombarding him with it ;-)

When my blog first started, I was averaging 50 readers a day.  That was all due to the lovely Brenton over at Aussielicious (link in sidebar) who was gracious enough to promote my (then) new blog. 

At it's height, due to advertising and cross linking with other blogs, I was averaging approximately 1500 readers a day.

Now, I average 400-500 a day.

Now, I am not an attention whore.  (No - really I am not).  Yes I am codependent and needy, but that's just with Bubb.  And my blog has never been about a means for external gratification or validation, because the blog has been and always will be an outlet for things of MY interest, not others.  It is an expression of me after all.

So I have to ask.  Where has everyone gone? 

Is it Twitter?  Is it Snapchat? Are personal blogs just passé now?  Are the only truly trafficked blogs the ones with up to date LGBTQ news; lots of porn; political analysis; and/or celebrity gossip and happenings?

I am keeping this intentionally short because I would like to hear what OTHERS think.  ESPECIALLY MY BLOGGER FRIENDS.  Sorry for the caps - but I don't want them to miss out on this one.

So let's get this conversation started.

Thanks all.

Oh - and whilst the blog is primarily about me and my interests, I want you all to know that if only 5 of you visit for the rest of the blogs life - and it will be here for a long time - I appreciate each and every one of you.  I love doing this.

Shalom and blessing to all.



Justin said...

Blogging is not dying, yet Blogger is. Blogger is not attracting new users, nor do they seem to want to (gay bloggers anyway...last years stunts are proof of that)
I have been here for 5 years now and to my dismay Blogger just don't seem interested in attracting new users or being innovative enough to combat more popular blogging platforms such as Tumblr.
I've accepted that Blogger is on the way out and that adult content will one day be phased out by Google, and then I may try Tumblr, which I'm not a huge fan of, but that seems to be the place to be.
Blogger is the new MySpace.
(Has anyone else noticed that videos featuring adult content won't play on Google Chrome, yet will play on Firefox)

Cy said...

Unfortunately everyone seems to be too busy these days. Facebook, Snapchat, cellphone addiction, selfies, etc. Plus (for your gay audience) lots of other blogs are sex and porn oriented. As for me, I like your blog, but I'm not a big fan of Wonder Woman. LOL In any case I think 400-500 readers a day is pretty good.
Keep it up.

Prince Todd said...

I think a lot of it has to do with the advent of youtube, where live VLOGS are getting more attention.
That's why I am going to do a VLOG series in tandem with my movie reviews. That way seeing me might get people more in touch with my written work.
But yeah I've been reading yours since I was doing my old blog way back when. I think most of the best blogs are on Tumblr now.

Mark Greene said...

I agree with all three gentlemen. Blogger doesn't seem to care about its gay following. They seem not to want us around with all the antics they pull. The latest stunt involves only being able to follow a blog if you have an account which means many bloggers have lost dozens of followers.
People are fed up and going to other platforms such as Tumblr.

And yes I know as a gay man we love sex blogs or blogs that are erotic in nature. (I have one of my own.) Some guys only want to get off on porn blogs. Some enjoy hearing about the lives of their bloggers. and others like me have a mixture of both. So what I'm getting at is; Continue to do what you do. People will come people will go. But good content will always be there.


I do enjoy your blog from what I've seen so far. I would suggest making it easier to follow you.

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Hot guys said...

Yeah, looks like these guys said it all, pretty much.

Blogger's decision last year didn't help. Plus, there are blogs dedicated to deleted gay blogs, the irony... And lots of 'em are getting deleted. So, maybe people don't like sticking to only one of them because they may disappear.

Your decision to go 'public' and post G-rated material could help you. So, everything's going to get better from here on. ;)

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Victor said...

I've been distracted by Twitter and also to my detriment (fitness wise) by subscription television services Netflix and Stan.

I used to check my favourite bloggers (including you) daily but now my visits are much more spasmodic. A bit like my sex life really!