Monday, 11 April 2016

Going G Rated

Gday n Shalom All. 

Previously my blog has been a varied blog including nudity and the adult industry. 

However, I made the changes to bring in followers (who doesn't want to be a little more popular?!) and it was a change that took me away from the original focii of the blog. Myself and my interests, my opinions and my commentaries. 

So. We're going back to G rated.  

To my friends who work in the adult industry, I'm still here for you and will be profiling those in the industry and it's happenings. It's only the pics that will change. 

There'll still be some eye candy - I like that too after all.  But I'm getting back to me and what I want to focus on and not what I think other people want. 

After all, if you come here I'd like to think that part of the reason you come here is to hear what I think. 

Blessings and love to you all. 



Hot guys said...

I, most of all Bloggers, do understand this decision of yours...
Go for it, buddy. And good luck! ^_^

Yours, Fit Studs!

Jimmy said...

just don't go all religious on us.

I never came here for the adult stuff. MJ has that covered.

Cy said...

I very much enjoy your blog, and I look forward to the occasional full frontal. Lets not get too PC. Seeing those hot Aussie spunks and others is very pleasing to the eyes.

Luke said...

You have a lot to say and you say it so matter how it's rated. Yasher koach on your efforts and accomplishments!