Monday, 28 December 2009

..WTF........... Vegans / Vegetarians - SHUT THE FARK UP !!! ................

..............Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan-tastic that you have made the decision to eat an ethical diet.

Good on you for choosing a healthy option for your innards.

Bravo for your ability to consider the plight of animals and how they are farmed.

Please piss off and stop preaching to me about it.

I am so sick of vege's and vegans telling me how I am a bad person for eating meat.

Personally - I usually respond by saying something pithy like "Hand me a chainsaw and a blow-torch and walk Bessy by my table !! - I'll help myself!!"

But here is the non-pithy version.

I like meat.

I like beef.

I like lamb.

I like poultry.

I like fish.

And yes - I know it was once a living being and is now a charred and marinated morsel on my plate.

Yes I know how it is farmed and more importantly I know how it is killed.

My people - Jews - were the first to put into practice humane farming and more importantly - humane slaughtering. In fact we are commanded by the Torah to respect all living things - and even more so those we farm.

I understand your choices and the reasons for which you have decided to make such a significant change in your life. I realise it isn't easy and that it is actually quite an expensive change - especially if you go completely organic.

But good for you. And I genuinely and sincerely mean that.

After all - HaShem gave the greatest gift He could to His people - Free Will. So please allow me to be as equally full and frank with you as you have been with me.

The reason - the sole reason - you are able to make such a balanced and informed decision is because your ancestors ate meat. Not organically grown legumes and vegetables - but meat. It has been scientifically proven that it was meat that was directly responsible for the growth of our brain. It is our eating of meat that enabled the growth of our bodies and the brain that now empowers you with the choice that you are allowed to make. It is meat that is the highest form of energy that one can derive from the ingredients of the natural world.

Due to this, we learned how to make tools, fire, the wheel, clothes, and eventually all the technology that we have today - including the ability to grow organic ingredients that allow you to live your life.

So................. Bugger off and allow me to live mine.

I am going to eat meat. I am going to like it. I am going to sit here when a roast chicken is in the oven and ADORE the smell it makes as its' flesh and skin is cooking.

So please - as I accept your decision NOT to eat meat - please give me the same respect by getting off my back about my carnivorous consumption.

That's my 2 Cents Worth.

And please - respect it.




truthspew said...

I know a couple of what I'd term loose Vegans. In other words, you might catch them at a Burger King drive-thru getting a Whopper with Cheese.

I honestly believe that 99% of Vegans just do it to be annoying.

mherzog said...

Here is a good video on the subject:

Damien Oz said...

truth - I dont necessarily believe they do it to be annoying - but I wish they would just stop preaching - great for them - but its THEM not me.

mherzog - Again - the preaching - and it is PETA - who is not about animal rights - they are an extremist group made up of bored middle class white people who wouldnt know a sane and rational conservation argument if it bit them on the butt. When you bring PETA against me - you lose the argument.

Wonder Man said...

well said

Travis said...

I have been a full time vegetarian for over 20 years, and agree that militant, preachy vegetarians are REALLY annoying. Just as those, so consumed by their carnivore life choice, can't belive that people can be happy enough without eating flesh, do my head in. (I work with a dickwad that inspects my lunch daily because he has no concept of what I could possibly eat, sans meat.... Mind you if I were to do the same to him, multiple sausage rolls would feature regularly as a square meal)

I guess I'm kind of agreeing with you..... Each to their own..... You don't try to stuff your t-bone down my throat, and I won't attack you with my carrot.

ps: All vegans are smelly hippy tossers! That's a given.

Damien Oz said...

WM - thanks.

Travis - THANK YOU !!! That is how it should be. You eat what you eat - I eat what *I* eat - inspecting someone's food is not just wrong but HIGHLY offensive. I would never do that to someone. It would be like me as a Jew looking at a Muslim's food to see how it differed.

Oh - and my T-Bone stays on my plate :) - Happy to share a carrot anytime tho :)

PS so far most of the vegans I have met ARE smelly hippy tossers - hope to be eventually proven wrong tho :)

Richard said...

Damien Oz said...

Richard - You deserve an award for that :)

cb said...

If God hadn't wanted us to eat animals, he wouldn't have filled them with tasty meat.

Stan said...

Well Said Damien that is the one thing I respect about the Jewish people is their humane way of slaughtering animals kosher.

Krsna Bodhi said...

I second your sentiments.
Great Blog

EMikeGarcia said...

Mmm... Chicken.

DuPree said...

I am always happy to alter my menu to accommodate my vegetarian friends, but agree that the preachy thing is completely inappropriate on either side.

Like ex-smokers - STF up!

Brahm said...

I totally agree - well written and well put, yes totally respect everyone's choice --- go vegan if you choose, I understand and respect it, that being said buzz off and don't judge, I got a burger to eat!

I am trying to go more organic in all areas --- seems like the direction to go forward with for health and better planet reasons.

Love the blog - keep it up!

Skinny Arbuckle.... said...

i find vegans to be sanctimonious. they are the born again christians of the food world. there entire life revolves around what they are going to eat (and not eat) in a way that i find compulsive.

a few years ago i went vegan for a while, b/c i felt like it. no other reason, except that i suddenly had no desire to eat meat. the other vegans i met along the way were astounded that i hadn't come to this by some type of religous epiphany. at that time, my body felt better w/no meat. and i do believe that some humans run better on a vegetarian based diet, just as some of us run better on a carnivorous one.

i know for fact that i must have meat for optimum health and performance. reviewing that last sentence made me giggle :-)

ToddyEnglish said...

What I find hypocritical about veganism is that it's based on not eating living things...
UHM, plants ARE alive. They have feelings. Therefore, by proxy, vegans are infact still predatory. Plants simply cannot fight back.