Thursday, 18 March 2010

..............................Blog Spotlight........................................

................. RUN - do not walk over to this fantabulous blog.

I could do a blurb on this fantastic blog but Scott over at Bill In Exile does it FAR more eloquently than me.

One of my favorite blogs in the whole wide world is Bourgeois Nerd run by one of my most all-time favorite bloggers — Frank.

I’ve mentioned before that Frank and I started our respective blogs at about the same time, and how over the years we’ve actually become close personal friends. Frank is a great guy who is smart as a whip with a funny sense of humor.

Oh, and he’s a total book nerd so there’s that to love about him as well.

But here’s the thing, as long as I’ve known Frank his blog has only gotten about 80 or 90 visitors a day. And this is a blog that really deserves to get a shit load of visitors every day with an ever growing readership.

But every time I check his site meter {because Frank isn’t a fucking pussy like all you bloggers who make your site meters private because you don’t want people to know what shitty traffic you get} his blog has been stuck at the same 80 or 90 visitors. And we’re talking 80 or 90 visitors for the last five fucking years!

Frank posts pics of hot menz just like I do here {and frankly, some of his pics are much hotter than what I post} and he also puts up some truly idiosyncratic literary posts that can be totally fucking hysterical and that you won’t find the likes of anywhere on the Tubes, as well as his own unique {and I do mean UNIQUE} take on the world.

Seriously, if you quote me on this I’ll call you a liar, but so much of Bill in Exile’s links section is total, unadulterated bullshit. Especially the Fellow Inmates section. Many of the blogs listed there I never read, nor will I ever read them. Because they’re total fucking crap. But because they asked me nicely to link to them I did.

There! I said it. So sue me. Its my dirty little secret.

But Frank’s blog isn’t crap. In fact, it’s just the opposite of crap.

Its the little nugget of solid gold that you find IN the crap if you just take the time to search for it.

So this is what I’d like you to do — go visit his blog. And do it regularly! Every day. A couple times a day even.

Because if you do I guaranfuckingtee you’ll find all sorts of shit to love about it, and then you’ll love Frank like I do and then you’ll want to check in with him all the time just to see whats up like I do.

Frank didn’t ask me to do this — and he’ll probably be annoyed that I did — but my mission is to permanently increase Frank’s daily traffic into the triple digits and I can’t do it without your help.

So help a brother out and bookmark Bourgeois Nerd and make it a daily go-to on your blogging to-do list.

Because if the Bill in Exile readers aren’t capable of rallying around the flag, then nobody is.

So do what Scott says and go visit and say hi.

It is well worth it - really ......... it is.


Wonder Man said...

I'll check in out

Princess said...

I'm working my way up to a slow jog as we speak :)

Paul Benjamin said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I trust your intuition, so I will check it out! ;)

The Mistress said...

I'll pop 'round to visit him on the weekend.

I'm playing catch-up with all my bitches right now.

Corve said...

I totally agree....great site

Damien said...

You are all very good 2 Centers and I am sure that Frank appreciates you visiting him :)

Anonymous said...

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