Monday, 1 March 2010

....WTF............... Lesbians & Gay Men During The NON Event Times.........

......................what the fark is it with gay-men hating lesbians and lesbian-hating gay men?

Can anyone explain this???

We all seem to be SO chummy during events like Pride and Mardi Gras - but then at other times it's like a cold war with dark stares across the cafes.

I remember back being a student at university and attending a GLBT student conference. There were a group of Lesbians there all wearing blue berets. When I asked a lovely lesbian I knew what that meant she replied "No males - at any time." I kind of looked at quizzically and said "Well of course they wouldn't have a man - they're lesbians". To which she replied..... "No, no. They don't associate with, eat with, be friends with, or go to venues with men."

I found out later that this same group of lesbians were protesting the inclusion of Male to Female Transgenders who were to attend a Women's Conference. Apparently they were protesting the fact that they were not REAL women. At the time during my presentation to the conference I mentioned this point and asked the question "What is a natural woman?" And I offered the following possibilities..............
  • A woman that is biodegradable?
  • One that comes with a Heart Foundation Tick of approval?
  • One that is organically certified?
  • One that has a blue beret?
When I was working in sexual health, a person I knew working at the then Queensland AIDS Council was upset because the Council was considering a project that was going to be working with women - all women - who had HIV.

I looked at him with as much disdain as a then twinky ballet dancer gay volunteer could muster - and it was considerable - and said "Don't worry - their girl germs won't make you girl - they're too late." Then I walked off wondering who the hell this bloody queen thought he was.

Given the huge amount of discrimination and hate out there in the big, wide world. I am curious as to those whose feel it necessary to pile yet more discrimination WITHIN their own community. It really is a malady that is quite beyond my comprehension.

I'm not sure there is a point to this......... in fact this topic was prompted by the lovable Kez from Mutton Chopped Mutant as I was straining for a post topic.

So ......... these are my thoughts on the matter. What are yours?

That's my 2 Cents Worth - and I just spent it.




The Mistress said...

Can't help with this one as I don't understand it myself.

Two of my friends who themselves are best friends with each other are a gay man and a lesbian.

I'll just say I'm against shutting anyone out based on their gender or sexuality.

Anonymous said...

I have lesbian friends, gay friends, straight friends. The sexuality part doesn't matter to me.

Anonymous said...

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The Mutant said...

Kinda odd when you think about it, huh? There's absolutely no reason for it. Take into account the fact that gays and lesbians cop so much discrimination throughout their lives and if anyone should have something in common its these two groups.

As for me, I like people. I like them them all sizes, colours, genders, sexualities and variations under teh sun. People are the interesting part, The rest helps shape them, sure, but it should never be the reason to exclude them.

Paul Benjamin said...

I always kind of think about it as kind of the same relationship that the US has with Canada. We are all North Americans, and friendly with each other, but there is a rivalry that exists.

Personally, I think it comes down to understand each other. Gays tend to have little interest in females, especially ones that aren't fawning over them. Vice versa with Lesbians.

Stephen said...

On a personal level... In Portland, Oregon gay men & women seem to mix quite easily. I have always had lesbians in my life, even when they live up to their cliches.

Wonder Man said...

I agree with Paul

Prince Todd said...

Oh my god. I don't know what I'd do without my heterosexual girlfriends to go shopping with. The concept of discrimination based on gender is so foreign to me.
But this is not surprising though.

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