Sunday, 11 April 2010

......WTF........... Oh Canada!!! ................. Shame On You..........

.......................the annual Canadian Harp Seal Hunt begins today.

I am dumb-struck.


Wonder Man said...

oh no, that's just wrong

Anonymous said...

most of us aren't reminded or told that the seal hunt begins now...

we can keep hate-mongers like Anne Coulter and Fred Phelps from spewing their poison...

...and yet the "sport" of the seal hunt continues...

Pick said...

This is the ONE thing that makes me REALLY ashamed to be a Canadian. It's unforgivable! Nobody can tell me that the way these creatures are slaughtered is humane. It's a FN nightmare! We need the rest of the world to protest LOUDLY please!!!!!!! Shame the powers that be into stopping this horrendous cull.

The Mistress said...

This and Celine Dion.

cb said...

I honestly can't even think about this.

Oh, and did you hear the story about the hunter who clubbed a mom seal- and she was still pregnant? ANd he delivered the pup??

Damien said...

cb - omg - I can not believe that this STILL goes on...... in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

You can't believe that people kill animals? Or that this post smacks of as much ignorance as homophobia does? Do some actual research about the seal hunt and compare that to the beef industry, or chicken industry.

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Ultra Dave said...

Who could hunt something so innocent ans defenseless? Tragic

Anonymous said...

If you knew the scientific reason for the annual seal cull. In simple lament terms think too many seals in the oceans, seal eating and shitting in sea, the shit laden with parasites floating all over, fish eating with shit and parasites, parasites in the fish. parasites leach into the fish flesh. I believe it's called the food chain... Not very appetizing Eh! (did I say Eh! I guess I do)