Sunday, 23 May 2010

.....................More On Gay For Pay...................................

.............................. So.................... a little while ago I did a post on Gay For Pay and how *MY* opinion is that for a straight guy to go gay for pay there has to be SOME element of bisexuality there no matter how small.

Now - I didn't just pull this statement out of my bounteous yet firm ass :) - I worked in the health industry for many years and have had various types of involvement in the sex industry - education and health support most notably - and I did know men who led hetero-normative lives whilst doing gay sex work. Each of these guys admitted that there was a thrill to sex with men. None of them were turned off. Indeed, being turned on was part of their ability to be Gay for Pay - to use the term.

Here are the comments from my readers that I invited - and some from the post I did.

"It's a bit like being "just a little bit pregnant"...

"I think a straight guy who is really horny will top for pay, but a guy who will suck dick or bottom is at least bi."

"Oh no Damien!! You have burst my bubble.... I thought all str8 guys liked to suck dick!"

"yeah, something's up with that"

"I think it would be possible to be truly heterosexual and do gay for pay acts. The trick is that the guy needs to be really into himself to be able to pull it off. If he thinks the other person is getting off having sex with him then he will also get off. That's just my opinion anyway."

"Since hetero-, homo-, and bi- sexuality have more to do than just sex, I don't think there is an answer to this question other than there are people who would do just about anything for money.
To me, being a gay man means a hell of a lot more than sticking a dick up my ass so, I would have to say that just because a man has sex with another man doesn't mean that he's gay or bi... More like, accommodating for the right price."

"I think a guy can be straight and still act in gay porn. I know guys who escort and definitely are straight. It is all "in the acting." I believe often times sex is mind over matter and gay for pay would definitely fit into that category."

"Hey man!! As you know, I profile a lot of guys in porn - and I know that for them, it is very much a business. So yes, I do believe a straight man can easily do gay for pay. Think of it like acting - there are lots of gays who play straight, and vice versa. It's a job... "

"I think there has to be at least a tiny bit of curiosity or bisexuality involved. No one that is in no way interested in gay sex is going to be able to get an erection but if there is a little interest that would probably be enough, combined with an open mind, a high sex drive and the allure of cash, it's probably enough."

Now - the comment that got me revisiting my own opinion came from Jasun over at Gay Daily Hot. Jasun - for those who don't know - works for Jake Cruise as his right hand man and deals with straight gay and bi men in porn as a job. Here is what he said.................

"Oh, for sure. I always get a giggle about the people who use hard dicks or smiling as "proof" that the guys are gay. I always say something snarky like "you realize Leonardo DiCaprio didn't really drown then that boat sank, right?" I know countless gay men who've had sex with women. Their motivations might have been different but they were still capable of not only having sex but some of them even enjoying it on one level or another. Doesn't make them straight or bisexual. We sure don't shoot those scenes all in one take. We DO have a bit more work cut out for us to present a viewable and hot scene if you have two straight men.
But yes... there are plenty of straight men who make gay porn for money."

So.............. again.............. discuss amongst yourselves.

Personally - and again this is *MY* opinion. I do not find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that these men can indeed be straight and suck cock like he means it. Maybe it can happen - maybe they are indeed somewhat bisexual - and maybe John Magnum will magically appear at Brisbane International Airport for a week of pig love with me.

I do not know. That's why I posed the question.

But again I am very eager to hear what my readers think.

Big thanks to those who commented and emailed regarding this.

LOVE the fact that my little blog can get people discussing the BIG topics :)

Shalom all



EMikeGarcia said...

Just wanted to add real quick that just because a guy isn't so disgusted with having sex with a man that he can do it for money doesn't make him gay. Even if he likes it a little. I am gay, and that has more to do with my soul and who I love than my ass.

Someone's probably going to tell me to stop being so uptight, but I'm going to say it anyway... If having sex with another man makes you gay or bi, than that would include self-hating anti-gay preachers and politicians, and, I for one don't claim them as my brothers. Just as I don't claim self-identified straight men who take it up the ass.

Knowing and being proud that you're gay is an amazing revelation of who you are, not only to yourself but to others and a spit in the face of our history of persecution and oppression.

Those dicks don't deserve that label.

Damien said...

You are entitled to say whatever you wish Mikey :)

There are no right or wrong comments - just YOUR comments :) - and I value what you have to say.


YvesPaul said...

Even I'm not attracted to women at all, I think for the right amount of money I can be straight for pay. I'll even pretend I enjoy it on camera, so I guess the opposite must be true. If these straight actors are not homophobic, maybe they can really pretend they enjoy it if the amount is right. Acting in gay porn does pay more than straight porn and a lot of straight guys enjoy ass play as well so it's possible.

An actor can play a psychotic serial killer without being psychotic, right?

Eric Whitney said...

Deep down, I think we're all gay. The urge to procreate is strong for many of us, sure. But at the end of the day, there isn't a dude alive who wouldn't rather get off with his buds. '

Just one homo-anthropologist's opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paul. The thought of eating pussy absolutely revolts me. But for a million dollars, pussy would be mighty tasty! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.