Saturday, 22 May 2010

........WTF......................... PETA Is At It Again?!...................... these people have Collective Acquired Brain Injury or something???

Read their latest vomit-fest from the creative folds at PETA Germany...........................

While we here in the States are focused on recently discovered godly gluten, the folks at PETA Germany have offered the Catholic Church the "Veggie-Shroud" to fill the void when the Shroud of Turin is retired on Sunday. Veggie Shroud Debate abounds over the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, but there's no mystery surrounding the powerful message put forth by the clearly defined slaughtered pig depicted in the "Veggie-Shroud"

Animals who end up on a dinner plate "died for the diet sins of mankind."
While we wait to find out whether the Catholic Church will agree to display the "Veggie Shroud," won't you urge everyone you know to find savory salvation from the universal cruelty and unholy unhealthiness of flesh-based diets? Catholics, atheists, Muslims, and people of all faiths and views are coming together to say, "Praise Seitan!"


I am SO sick of PETA and their militant vegetarian / vegan / communist friends attempting to tell me and everyone else what to do.

Yeah I know they ain't communists - but it isn't far from accurate considering they want to forces their views on everyone else.

I am a Carnivore. Human Beings evolved from and as predators. There is a reason it is called the Food Chain. I was designed to eat meat. It was only by eating meat - a food with the highest nutritional value - that our brains grew and evolved the intelligence that allows the maniacs at PETA to spew forth their vitriol and ludicrosity like the Vegie Shroud.

Yes yes - I hear some of you saying - we kill animals for our own needs. Well yeah we do. We do it with much more thought and consideration for the animals these days, that's why *I* shop for meat that is bred humanely. But I ain't gonna stop eating meat !! You wanna go to the African Serengeti and tell Lions to stop eating gazelle and please eat some brussel sprouts instead???

OY vey people.................. I seriously do not understand how people come up with this shit.

I'll leave you to discuss amongst yourselves whilst I go put some steak on the BBQ.

I wonder - Maybe I should do a whole joint and send it in a gift-basket to PETA :)

Now that would be fun.

Meanwhile PETA would probably call tickling Loris "Animal Torture" ............ oy.........




cb said...

That Loris... so damn cute! PeTA? Not so much.

Princess said...

A pack of idiots if ever there was one..And i bet they don't wear wool!

Stan said...

A bunch of mishegoss!

Anonymous said...

i SO agree with you...honestly these fuckers would have us all living in the dark ages if they had their way. who the fuck do they think they are telling others what to do..i bet they were the nerds at school who had no friends and now theve left school there taking it out on the world. there just jealous little fuckers sticking there noses where they shouldnt.we just had a new government here in england and all they bang on about are animal welfare...yes its important but sos fucking unemployment,crime poverty.

Damien said...

Stan - mishegunah shit like this drives me crazy it really does.

They like to live the benefits of being born from carnivores but then take everyone else to task for eating meat.

I am SO going to send them a Virginia Ham in a basket !!!