Tuesday, 27 July 2010

............I Am Not Giving In............

........ I am in a depressive funk coz of my Stepdad and my poor mother's suffering.

Basically - I have been giving into my depression.

My mother needs me to be at my best for her when the inevitable happens.

Today my stepdad rallied a bit - but that is because he is in hospital with excellent all round care. He is simply too sick to get that at home now.

I saw him on Sunday and he literally looked maybe a day from death.

Today - after 36 hours of intensive care - he is apparently a different person - but it takes 3 people to get him to the bathroom coz he is so frail sadly.

So - blogging will continue - it may be sad - it may be hot men - it may be whatever comes to mind - but I am not giving into my depression. Not this time.

My mother needs me to be strong for her and that includes keeping my life going until she needs me to step up.

So............. all of your thoughts and emails that I have received have been fantastic and I appreciate them all and your very kind words for my mother. It only reassures me that there are good people in the world and this blog has been a way for me to connect with them. Thank you so much.

Please continue to keep my mother in your thoughts - she is a wonderful woman who deserves all the best wishes and prayers you can send her way.

Shalom and thank you all.

Your patronage and support is always valued.



Bob said...

Stay strong, Damien.
For your Mom.
For your StepDad.
For yourself.

Thinking good thoughts for your family.


queer heaven said...

Damien, Struggle to fight the depression. You need to be strong now for your Mom & mostly for yourself.

Victor said...

The best way you can support your family is to look after yourself and stay strong.

They'll take strength from yours.

Kevin said...

Damien...do you recall when my father's wife died completely out of the blue?... I had been off work for only a month b/c of my effing depression.

It was incredibly difficult, but I made it through. Why? Because that's what we do, people like you and I. We make it through, because in those situations, we HAVE to.

Yes, we might feel a little wrecked afterwards, but in the moment...well, I can only really speak for myself. In the moment, I was already numb. I also had the support of my sister, who is a godsend.

Help mama start to make peace now...it might make "later" a little easier for all.


Damien Oz said...

Bob - doing my best mate - thanks :)

QH - most kind. I am doing my best and will support my mother so that this journey is less harrowing for her.

Victor - they are verbatim the words my husband said - you are both wise men obviously :)

Kevin - Shalom and thank you. I remember I may have given you similar advice :) - Yes it is what we do and I shall. Thanks for your support.