Wednesday, 21 July 2010

...........My 2 Cents Worth....... World War 3 .......

...........will begin - and occur - in the Middle East.

And no - what is happening there right now is not even close to what is going to happen.

So here is one potential scenario of how it will play out - coz I am convinced it is gonna happen ppl.

Israel is paranoid. This place is the State-sized version of the stereotypical neurotic Jew. It is now building it's own missile defense system partly funded by America (so reports CNN). They are doing this because of the missile tests that Iran has conducted over the previous year. They are also doing this because Iran's President - Mahmoud Adeep-Adeep-Adeep-That's-All-Folks - has said repeatedly that he wishes Israel's destruction.

So here is the game plan in bullet form (note .... irony)...........

  • Iran *will* fire a missile at Israel.

  • Israel will fire back - in one go - enough missiles to make Iran the new global Grand Canyon. Don't think for a second that I am making a joke here.

  • Several Arab nations (probably including Pakistan) will then attack Israel. They will - it is just a question of how many sign up.

  • US, Britain and Australia will then step in to protect and assist Israel.

  • India will join in with the above so it can attack Pakistani soldiers.

  • India and Pakistan - because they are now REALLY fighting each other - will then launch their own nuclear weapons at each other on the sub-continent.

  • Russia will then step in to protect it's Arab business partners.

  • China - depending on it's stock of Viagra at the time - will find something for it's army to do rather than torturing Tibetans - maybe joining in the Middle East - or maybe going at the Indians along it's border.

  • The North Koreans will take the opportunity to attack South Korea because they will think no one is watching.

  • Japan, Australia and the US will move some of its forces into South Korea and annihilate the North once and for all.

  • The E.E.U. will make several damning proclamations before eventually having to join the Coalition in the Middle East.

  • The conflict will eventually end at the negotiating table after tens of million are dead.

  • Jerusalem will be a UN asset.

  • Israel will most likely be larger.

  • The Palestinian State will be founded and administered by the Coalition - handing out free medical care, employment opportunities and education to it's citizens.

  • The Arab world will go back to trying to find a use for itself once the oil runs out.

Now tell me - any reason we can't do the last two points without having to have all the preceding ones?

BTW - that is just my summary of what several well regard experts have said over the last year. Some American, some European, some British, some Australian - even some Arab.

I seriously hope I'm wrong.




Sue said...

Iran will fire a missile at Israel? What kind of missile? Nuclear? What are they nuts? That would be like tugging on the tiger's tail! It would be suicide! They know it would be! They would never do that! Not ever!

Even if they did, Israel's retaliation would be to bomb one major city only. Not take out the whole freaking nation. They would show restraint OR FACE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES. They know that. They are aware of their nation's standing in the world.

So, I disagree with your WW3 scenario.

Damien Oz said...

Sue - is it wrong that I am loving that you are and I disagreeing lately?? Is making my grey cells work - Love it :)

Actually - it depends who holds the Knesset at the time - if it is the centrist Israelis - they will level one city.

If it is Netanyahu and on into the right - they will absolutley gutt the whole damn country - they are the Israeli version of the far right remember - and they hate Iran just as much as Iran hates them.

So it is a waiting game I guess.

Thanks so much for your comment :)

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Alegria said...

There are some failures in your theory: is not E.E.U., is just E.U. (European Union).
And What about all the African countries? they will just watch? And Brazil, Japan...