Thursday, 15 July 2010

......Religion........... Simple Solution To The Middle East Crisis..................

...................................this is my "Rambo" view - altho in my case more "Jewbo" I guess - kinda like an "Oy in the Hood".

Get the Israeli / Jewish hardliners/peace haters - and all the Hammas ppl.

Put them up against a wall.

Give me several pre-loaded automatic weapons.

Move out of my way.

Allow Trigger Finger to finally have it's Happy Day.

Televise the event explaining that this is now the one and only punishment for those who make trouble.

Put UN officials next to me on my right so that after my Trigger finger has it's Happy Day - I can turn to them and advise them that they WILL designate a Palestinian State - Have Knesset (Israeli Parliament) on left side - I turn to them - demonstrating Trigger Fingers desire to have a second round on it's Happy Day. After all, an automatic weapon is the gift that keeps on giving.

Jerusalem is designated an International City and troops from non-partisan nations are posted as it's security force.

Several heavy Nuclear devices are strategically but secretly placed throughout Israel and Palestine and the ramifications explained to all and sundry.

Damo get's to keep big red button.

Trigger Finger looks at big red button expectantly.

In a perfect world - THIS is my solution.

I don't play favourites.

Well I do - but that's just for the innocents who get killed.

Aren't we all lucky I don't run a nation :)

And to think - my military said no to me.

Shalom all



Mr. Toddy English said...

I can't stop laughing at "Jewbo." LOL

Damien Oz said...

Toddy mate - happy to give you a giggle dude :))