Friday, 16 July 2010

......Religion ........... What Sort Of Jew Are You?............

........this was a question asked of me recently by someone who knew there were different types of Jews - just like there are different types of Christians.

So ...... theologically speaking at least...... let's round off Religion week with it being all about me :)

Not that ever is of course :) ............... *casts eyes downward modestly*

  • I am a convert - Jew By Choice - New Jew.
  • I am a Progressive Jew.
  • Progressive Jews emphasise education and personal observance. This means we learn all about our culture and our religion, then we observe as much as we can, mindful that we live in a modern time and culture. This is our primary difference to the Orthodox movement. We choose our level of observance and question tradition whilst respecting what has come before us. For more you can go to Wikipedia and read more if you are really interested :)
  • I am a Jew who believes in the daily practice of "Tikkun Olam" - Heal the World - I do this by practicising good deeds. This can mean everything from the very serious - like supporting my mother during her difficult time - to the very simple - like buying a coffee for someone at work.
  • I am a Jew who believes in HaShem (G-d) - I do not pretend to understand HaShem or HaShem's place in any of the issues I have covered this week - But I do believe in HaShem and have felt the presence of HaShem in my life. Lately not so much - but I have already posted about that.
  • I am Jew who acknowledges that we have more in common with our Muslim cousins than that which we disagree on.
  • I am Jew who believes the current State of Israel has lost it's Jewishness and needs to rediscover it's values.
  • I am Jew who believes in a Palestinian State. The simple reality is that Palestine and Israel need each other - our people are cousins and should not be enemies.
  • I am Jew who believes Jerusalem - the centre of three great religions - should be an international city administrated by the UN.
  • I am a Jew who believes that homosexuality is not evil - and that HaShem doesn't believe that either.
  • I am a Jew who believes in integrating with the modern world, and that by doing so it only enhances my culture/religion - not puts it at danger.
  • I am a Jew who believes Islam is getting a bad rap by an extreme few.
  • I am a Jew who believes that religion is a private thing and whilst it can be shared - like on this blog - it should not be forced down anyone's throats. Hello Mormons are you reading this? Stop banging on my damn door.
  • I am a Jew who does not believe Christ was divine. I do believe he was a real man. He may have even be a special man. But in my view he was a man.
  • I do believe that HaShem can interdict in people's lives and does so. I just do not understand why he has been recently absent from mine and those I love.
  • I am a Jew who welcomes debate and challenge.
  • I am a Jew who respects the religious stance - or atheistic - views of others :)
  • I am a Jew who eats bacon - but dislikes pork chops - go figure.
  • I am a Jew who wishes more Gay Jews blogged.
  • I am a Jew who appreciates the vibrant, challenging and sometimes confronting dsicussions we have had this week about religion.
  • I am a Jew who decries intolerance and hate in any form.
  • I am a Jew who is blessed by regular visitors to this blog. Many of whom whose patronage I cherish and - quite frankly - am humbled by.
  • I am a Jew who says thank you to each and every one of you who visits.

Shalom all



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