Saturday, 23 April 2011

.....2 Ask....... Fitness Tips Requested .....

OK - I know some of you have serious knowledge in the area of fitness and working out so here are my two questions......

1. Best excercises (cardio) to burn fat - keeping in mind that I am an old ballerina with crook knees and hips - so I need low impact but high carolie burn.


2. Help with building muscle...... It just ain't working and I do not know what I am doing wrong - I want to build up my shoulders chest and back.

Keen for your thoughtful and experienced input guys.




Wonder Man said...

You may neeed to mix reps and the amount of weight daily. If you confuse the body the muscles will grow. Check out Muscle & Fitness magazine

Jim said...

If you're a swimmer, swimming laps is the best cardio that you can do. It's a lot less impact on your knees. Being and ex-runner with knee problems, I can relate.

As far as the building muscle, you need to take supplements. I have taken a Creatine supplement for years and never had any problems. Creatine will definitely put the muscle on you, but as with any program, you got to make sure you are eating clean.

MJ said...

I'll sit this one out...on my fat arse.

Sean said...

Cardio kinda works against building big muscles. Best to focus on loosing weight and toning. When you've gotten close to your goal weight, then you can focus on building muscle mass.

As for diet - lots of water and protein and cut the carbs.

Good luck.

Prince Toddy English said...

I don't do the gym. So I do my push ups (with my knuckles), pull ups, and lunges.
They actually work. I am still skinny as hell but my shoulders are broader.
For my cardio I dance, all the time. I also go running whenever I can.

Anonymous said...

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BosGuy said...

Best cardio I can recommend is swimming. You can mix up the swimming routine by using paddles for the hands to help you pull (crawl). It makes for a good back & shoulders work out too.

To help off-set your cardio and build muscle mass you can also purchase "Whey Protein" and make this as a shake. Drink it w/in 1 hour of working out to help build muscle.

Check out websites like for more suggestions and best of luck to you Damien.