Saturday, 23 April 2011

......2 Update.... About My Pissed Off Post......

There is a little confusion - the post wasn't about ME specifically though I referenced myself.

The post was about our community in general. EVERYONE I know has had experiences like those of myself.

From hotties to notties and bears to twinks - some of the HOTTEST people - SMARTEST people - ACCOMPLISHED people I know are still subjected to the ENOUGH test.

When we have the Christian Right in Australia closing down gay cruise venues and introducing legislation that will make gay blogs subject to a censor classification.....

When we have the Far Right Neo-Nazi extremists sending out lynch mobs in Eastern Europe...

When we have Senators in America propogating the supposed "Homosexual Agenda".......

Why do have members of our own community doing nothing but attempting to divide us?

Do we not have enough enemies out there as is it?

It seems we can't even be civil to our own.

It truly is a sad state of affairs.



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Kyle said...

Damien, like I said in the original post, destruction is easy. Building, creating, and collaborating are very hard. Many people take the easy way out, sometimes they don't know the difference.

I'd rather be the patched together, imperfect me, with genuine flecks of beauty, mystery, intelligence, and compassion, than the seemingly whole, perfect person, who has to constantly hide their flaws and never gets to feel the joy of simply being who they are.