Wednesday, 21 September 2011

.....2 Blog........Hump Day Blog Love.......... its Nice to see Stevie B............

Stevie shares his thoughts - his ideas - his travels - his fondness for gym shorts - and many other things on his blog.

An example is this little gem...........

BIKE Shorts

I’ve started to work out at my school’s gym on the days I have class. I find that during that time of day I’m completely alone in the gym, other than Mr. Eller. 
You want them to look like this...
Mr. Eller is the head of the athletic department and connoisseur of polyester coach shorts. We met a couple of weeks past when during my orientation to the gym explained to me what dumbbells are verses free weights. I feigned interest when showing me the emergency stop on the tread mills, I then expressed shared enthusiasm for making sure every plate gets returned to the correct place. Upon showing me the locker room and showers I was surprised when he didn’t demonstrate the proper soap lathering technique. 
...when they really look like this.
I have spent a lot of time since then thinking about gym coaches. No, not like you think. Okay, sort of like you think, but more about their style. I’ve been wondering about when a young man, fresh form college with a degree in physical training and education of athletics stops and says “I really need an ensemble that is comfortable, kicky, yet demands respect?” He then searches the finer magazines designed for the up and coming coach. CoachVogue and CQ (Coaches Quarterly) both point to the B I K E short. Not bike shorts or biking shorts, no. BIKE shorts. They’re comfortable, accentuate the upper thigh, and demand respect as they are cut in a maternity style under the belly. And every coach in the United States MUST wear them.

My new bud, Mr. Eller has a rainbow of colors in BIKE shorts. This has started me to think about my upper thighs. Have I denied showcasing my thighs to the world? I just might head to the sports shop and pick me up a pair. Get my polyester on.

His current post is a mix of vaccuuming, Eddie Mercury, Stevie's adorable eyes (really) and his penchant for his digits tap dancing on his keyboard (just surf over - you'll see).

Some blogs I check every couple of days - some if the title interests me - some only if they mention my name (yeah...I know) - but Stevie is a must visit every day once a day along with a handful of others.

Stevie has style - he has flair - Stevie is THERE!!! ............ oh hang on...... I'm chanelling the Nanny again..........

However - he is a one funny, smart, interesting piece of blogger-beefcake that keeps me hungry for more and coming back.

And so should you .......

"Nice to see Stevie B" - the star of this chapter of Hump Day Blog Love - and quite simply ......... a star in his own head :)

Love ya work SB :)

PS Pat the Sharpei for me

PPS Smooch the hubby for me.




BosGuy said...

I'm a big fan of this guy as well. We've yet to meet but perhaps his travels will bring him out to Boston or mine to Denver at some point in the future.

Excellent choice. He's a former #MenOfTwitter as well.


Nice to see StevieB said...

Just wow! Thanks Mister, I guess Mr. Eller is now famous for his shorts.

Seriously, I'm touched.

Mechadude2001 said...

I have to visit. I have a short fetish.

Jim said...

Stevie is even more handsome in person!

Wonder Man said...

he is fun and cute

Damien said...

BG - I know... I follow MenOfTwitter often :)

Stevie - Genuine pleasure. Thank you for blogging.

Mech - go ..... now

Jim - Really??? OK - now Im swooning LOL

WM - he is both of these indeed.