Wednesday, 21 September 2011

......2 Political..........Palestine Wants International Statehood......

.......... here's how you do it and keep it .............

(1) Don't give Israel a reason to bring it's perverse military might down on you - it takes two to have a fight. And yes - Israel should also take a Valium and give you 5 minutes of peace.

(2) Recognise that you need Israel. It provides over half of your economy. It employs you. And yes - Israel needs you too. You provide the labor force. But Israel shouldn't have to worry if it's merchants and workers are about to blow them into pieces.

(3) Stand up to the moron fanatics in your own country. Others have. You're actually more afraid of them than you are of Israel.

(4) Get over the whole "USA BAD" thing. Guess what - the USA doesn't care and neither does the EU or The Commonwealth or 99% of other countries in the world.

(5) Grow up and try taking the high road for once - Israel used to do it but then it got majorly trigger happy thanks to Ariel Sharon - so do what the most famous revolutionary in history did... nothing. Ghandi opposed violence and oppression with non-violence and won. You haven't won with bombs and guns and grenades. Learn from him.

(6) Stop being a "welfare" country. Your problems are mostly of your own devising. You want to have a better life - create one. You are the engineer of your own making. Sure, you can ask for assistance, guidance and some money. But ultimately, your country's future is of your own design - for good or bad. Remember Germany in the 30's?

(7) Finally - and this is from someone who does not have ONE ounce of Zionism in him - If you want to exist, then Israel has to be recognised by the Arab League. They listen to you. They like it when you talk to them - so talk to them - without the hysterical shouting.

(8) Yes - I'm not fond of the current Palestinian territories - I'm not fond of any people who dance joyously in the streets when pictures of people jumping from buildings from fires caused by airplanes crashing into them are televised - I think giving out free sweets to children whilst screaming "DOWN WITH USA" as innocent people burn is quite frankly so barbaric it is less than human - but even now I wouldn't deny your right to a recognised home.

Good luck with that Statehood thing.

Shalom & Salaam



Wonder Man said...

I'm still learning about this

Stan said...

The whole situation leaves me tsetmmelt (confused, bewildered.)