Tuesday, 11 October 2011

.....2 Naked..............The Naked Barber..........

............so...............for a FULL report of my first day out and about in Sydney go to the next post..... but I simply had to write and tell you about my first experience of the day...... The Naked Barber...

First.............. I was referred to NB by a friend of mine who went.......... last time I was in Sydney in March I was going to go but got cold feet on account of feeling too fat.... well, after a quick txt session with him, he totally set my mind at ease and off I went......... Naked Barber Bound........

This is Richard in the picture standing over his subject

......Firstly, he met me at the door fully clothed as I expected and the first thing I noticed was how warm and friendly his greeting was. Immediately, I was put at ease and made to feel welcome. He ushered me into his work space and asked if I would like to go nude. Now, I'm pretty certain I've mentioned that previously when I lived in Melbourne I enjoyed the nudist lifestyle and attended a monthly nude swim night with a local pansexual nude group. So it was lovely to disrobe and be naked in a non-sexual, fraternal way with another man again.

NB - Richard his name is - chatted with me as he did my buzzcut in preparation for a full head shave. Now - first things first - Richard is a very handsome man with a very nice body. Athletic but naturally so. Light body hair. Beautiful penis (with a PA which I found really nice to look at to be honest) and eyes that draw you into him. A rare quality and one I particularly found nice because I am all about a mans' eyes. Even when he IS standing starkers as he runs a pair of clippers over my head.

After he buzzed me - the prepared my head with a warm towel. He gently applied pressure all over my head to make sure all of the skin about to be shaved had been prepared. One thing Richard has is a very firm but not uncomfortable strength in his hands. It's a strength that says "Relax, I know what I'm doing and I'm going to do it well for you." A very reassuring thing and again, continued to put me at ease.

He then razor shaved my head with deft skill and perfect technique. He really is a professional barber and it shows. He checked and rechecked his work to make sure it was all perfect, and it was.

THEN came the fun part - my sack shave. Now I have never had my sack shaved before. The fun part was that Richard does his shaves and brazilians and crack shave/waxes with his clients lying down in a sling. Now, whilst this sounds horny - personally, I love a good sling - it's also incredibly practical for him. It gives him access to all the nooks and crannies he needs to work on. So he lathered me up and set to work and before you know I have a sack smooth and fresh and open to the breeze. *sigh*

If I have to sum up the experience in word .... I can't..... it needs to...... Pampering....... and..... Welcoming........ from the moment I walked in Richard made the experience a positive one and totally comfortable for me irregardless of my weight. He was completely professional - even though he did brush my arms with his dick more than once - but that's part of the whole "Fetish Grooming" experience. Even then, it was horny but also simply - happenstance. It was just a nice thing that happened every now and then with no sexual overtone just a guy having to stand close to do his job and his penis leaning up against my arm.

I loved it.

And I'll go back. Because with the exception of my Bubb - no one has made me feel that comfortable and accepted about my weight. Yes I paid well for a niche service. Yes it certainly wasn't the usual trip to the barbers. But that was the point. For approximately an hour. I was pampered. Attended to. Slightly aroused. Totally welcomed.

I left in a state of pure bliss. All from a haircut and a ball shave, given by one of nicest people I have met in Sydney in a long, long time.


Thank you for such a lovely experience Richard aka The Naked Barber.

PS You'll find Richard's site HERE..........




The Mistress said...

He sounds like a real pro.

This brings back happy memories for me of an intimate hair-cutting session with an ex-lover.

Wonder Man said...

sounds like fun

cb said...

Ooo, I could get into that. Perhaps not a FULL head shave... but a trim, a face shave, and the sack would be hot!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the thought of being headshaved then bum shaved by a wonderful strong guy,who takes you on a realtrip down a lane together WOW!!!