Saturday, 26 May 2012

Change/s & 26 Days........

Well it's been 26 days since I went on my little hiatus - little being the operative word.  Trying to implement some life changes. Never easy and more difficult than I initially thought.  So it made sense to implement some blog changes.  What's different?  What's coming up?

It's dark.  I like the modified layout and new colours.  I'm a big fan of dark colours and this suits me.

There's gonna be penis.  Lots of penis.  Some flaccid.  Some erect.  Some in various states of in-between. 

I'm going to comment on things that I have a passionate opinion about.  It'll piss some of you off.  Enough of you who read this blog have more than 3 neurons firing in the right direction so hopefully it'll get enough of you commenting.  Hopefully enough to engage in debate.  Maybe we'll even achieve a common ground.  We should never be afraid to ask honest questions from a desire to understand.

My depression - it's not going away.  If you don't like reading about it.Then this isn't the blog for you and I wish you well somewhere else.

Men............ LOTS of men........ here's a sampling of what's coming up......

So Hot Saturday

Sensual Sunday

Military Monday

Tuches Tuesday

Wow Wednesday

Tatted Thursday 

Furry Friday

I tried to be "popular" with this blog before rather than just be me and put out there what *I* enjoy.

So......... let's get started and back to it shall we :)

Enjoy your time and please .... don't forget ... "YOUR" 2 Cents are ALWAYS welcome here.

Shalom all



Queer Heaven said...

"MY" 2 cents..... glad to see you are giving it another try.
The new look is great!

Pick said...

YeeHaw! You're back, and in top form.

Princess said...

Welcome Back!
I like the changes already darling...

Sean said...

Welcome back! Knew/hoped you would be. The pics are nice but your voice is better.

I like the changes. The new blogger upgrade is tricky to adjust to but really allows for customization. And while it is dark, it doesn't feel depressed dark.

Damien said...

Thanks all - Sean there is a little update for you.