Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wow Wednesday.....

Ummmm love the VPL and he is handsome but the bod just screams roids...... Still a Wow tho..

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Anonymous said...

Why (2) reactions of sad? WHY?
Millions of guys take steroids; few IF any have problems; let them live their lives the way they want!

Then there are the anti-roids sites! They show some pix of guys w any kind of muscle as examples of steroid use: I'm old enough to remember school mates w muscles BEFORE there was 'roids! They don't KNOW that some guys are NATURALLY muscular? And if being muscular cums easy to them & they get compliments & attention, they do extra exercises to increase their physiques - to differentiate themselves from the ever increasing fat blobs! These sites also show guys who used oil injections (who look ugly IMO) - this is NOT steroid use! Also show guys whose pix hv been morphed - some beyond all resemblence to any human possibility. Again photo-shopped morphs are NOT steroid use. That there are dupes out there that don't know this re roids is akin to working people in USA who are so uniformed that they vote Republican! The Repubs are the ones who outsourced millions of manufctrng jobs on which a bread-winner could support a family; the Repubs got rid of as much oversight on banks & brokerage houses & let them do what they wanted. That was what caused the housing debacle!
Sheesh! Ignorance is NOT bliss!
Bliss is having this muscle guy kiss you & beg you to let him go down on you!