Monday, 22 July 2013

Your Blogger..... The 20 Year Old Dancer...

 After class with a couple of my fellow dancers.   Yes that is me on the left. 
The brunette girl was my flatmate at the time.  Wonderful girl.

 Yours truly practising his OTHER moves on a mango between rehearsals.... Check the hair !

 In a break between rehearsals.  Fanning myself as one does. And continuing my drive to improve my oral skills :)
See the hipbone sticking out?? I was 60kgs / 130lbs.
Half my current weight.

L-R.  Matthew (My unrequited crush).  Elmer and his AMAZING flexibility.  And then Moi.

Enjoy !!

There will be more forthcoming :-)

Shalom to you all



Jason Shaw said...

Oh lovely.

iama[GAY]keeper said...


Anonymous said...

love dancers ... smokin hot indeed!