Thursday, 26 September 2013

I'm Moving House.... Kill Me Now....

Yes Blanche - I am having to move house.

Apparently - according to psychologists and psychiatrists - moving house is one of the five most stressful things you can do/have happen to you.

And I agree.

We - Bubb, my Ima (mum) and I - are moving about three streets away.  But it still all has to be packed, moved and unpacked.

Movers have to be organised - we have a 4 bedroom house full of stuff - and I ain't.

Utilities, Internet, TV all has to be transferred etc.

And all I want to do is sit down and shut down.

Moving is hard.  Moving as a Clinical Depressive whose Monster is wired for stress... fan-bloody-tastic.

Needless to say, the makers of Temazepam are making a FORTUNE out of me right now.

Hope you all are having a good week.  It's almost over.


Anonymous said...

Like you I hate moving. In fact the more we move the more shit I throw out.

Books - there are only a few I'll keep. All the books on ActionScript, etc. get tossed.

Electronics gear - I'll likely replace the boat anchor Tektronix 465 with a Rigol like it.

Brisbane_Badger said...

I know what you mean. When I moved to Brisbane 2 years ago, I moved interstate - which was bad enough, then moved from Indro to Rochedale, then Rochedale to New Farm. I am DONE with moving for a long time. The hidden expenses, the myriad of bills and swapping of accounts...