Friday, 21 February 2014

Fablulousness and Furriness on Friday ....

The Fabulous.

With the release of "Behind the Calendabra" we got to see Liberace at his most privately pained but publicly flamboyant.  First and foremost he was an incredibly skilled pianist.  One of the very best in ANY genre.

Here he is playing his signature Bumble Boogie! - note the exceptional technique.

And now the Furry.

Note the exceptional fur :)


BosGuy said...

I agree he is quite awesome. In this case I'm talking about the second gentleman you are featuring in this post. I actually hosted a photo of this guy a while back. Apparently we have similar taste.

Damien said...

I got him - the 2nd one - off a google search.

Cheers to good taste BG ;)