Saturday, 22 February 2014

My Top Five Super Powers ... Based On Me....

OK - how about a Top 5 where we ALSO have to be honest with our readers (whether we think they know or not) about some of those things that we wish we DIDN'T have...

Here are my top 5 Super Powers based on a few of my quirks.

1 - Super Strength

I was the bullied kid at school.  Would love to know that I would never have that happen again.
PLUS - I could rip car doors off if people had a crash and couldn't get out of their car / bend a gun / etc etc

 2 - Flight

Back when I was a dancer, there was NOTHING like the big jumps where you felt like you were hanging in air and almost flying - could only imagine what the real thing would be like.  Plus there would be a sense of such wonderful freedom with soaring around.

3 - Telepathy

I have had - like many have had - people who I thought were great friends and then when times got hard, they ditched me and walked away from me when I needed them most.  I would LOVE to be able to read their minds in the vein of "What the fuck were you around FOR then??"

4 - Cold

My friends say that I am warm hearted, loyal and dependable.  All true.  But the flip side of that truth is that in general I am a cold bitch.  Not coz I'm a bad person.  But people frighten me.  Especially crowds.  My defence - the cold shield around me.  Keeps me safe and them away.

Meanwhile how COOL would it be to make it snow - freeze stuff - or turn into a solid ice version of yourself !!

5 - Invisibility

At school I always felt like I was part of the wallpaper.  That no one saw me.  And to some point - I still feel like that even as an adult (hence my sometimes over the top personality coz I do not want to be missed / ignored / invalidated).  Even in the blog world (no you are not bad people - it's MY neurotic quirk remember )

Plus I would LERV to be able to create force fields.  Perv on the hot gay couple down the road when they were getting busy .... you know..... contributing to humanity in a positive way.

So.............they are my top 5 super powers ........ all based on my quirks.............. I challenge my blog buddies to do this............ it's a lot of fun and puts a little bit of you out there....

Have a great weekend everyone.

Shabbat Shalom


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Soul Yaoi said...

I what telekinesis or empathy! :)