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2 Profile .... Marc Angelo ... Adult Entertainer.....

So now we continue our look into the world of Adult Entertainment.

I told you that I would have some interesting personalities that will be featured on the blog over the coming weeks.  So let's continue with the very hirsute, handsome and hot Marc Angelo - Adult Entertainer.

I have had the pleasure chatting with Mr Angelo on twitter and he is a very interesting character indeed.
So rather than go on about how much he makes me swoon and lets get on it with it.

I wish Marco well in both life and in his career.

Please enjoy !


(Q)  For the benefit of our 2CWDU readers, please introduce yourself and your profession.
Name is Marc Angelo and well for the purposes of this interview I am an adult entertainer :)

 (Q) How did you get into the industry?
Well it kind of just happened :)  I was contacted on BMB with a very interesting message: "Would you ever consider to partake in an adult entertainment feature". Since this is a fantasy in the back of each man's head – I said of course but I don't think I am good enough for it. I was referring to the fact I am not all muscled, hot and endowed, which is usually what people look for (especially the last part ;).

 (Q) Are you enjoying yourself?
Very much so! Not necessarily during making it, but what excites me most is the fact that someone would watch it afterwards and get off on it.

(Q) What are some of the positive experiences in the industry?
You get to live fantasies, and you become part of other men's fantasies :)

(Q) What are some of the negatives in the industry?
Sometimes you encounter politics, rudeness by the same people you are making money for.  Some times you encounter bad scene partners.  But porn is work – you do the job as best as you can.

(Q) Do you experience attempts by people to stereotype you / be overly familiar or inappropriately intimate with you at venues?
Hasn’t happened to me yet (I might not be all that popular ;) at venues, but it sure is happening online i.e. twitter.

 (Q) Are you open to friends and/or family about your work?
To the ones who care to know. Meaning I don't hide it but I also don't go around telling everyone with no reason.

(Q) Do you also escort?
Nope. Not that I have anything against it – I would do it but I am a married man :)

 (Q) If so, how do you find the escorting experience?  What is it to you and how do you conduct yourself and your interactions with clients?
If I were doing it – it would excite me the fact that I am giving the client what they need and really want. There are more nuances to this but basically that's it. It's a clear cut transaction in which everyone gets what they need.

(Q What are your thoughts on Bareback in the Industry?
Well personally I don’t do BB work, I keep that for my husband, but I am not at all against it! In fact when I watch porn – I much rather see BB porn!

(Q) What are your thoughts on Truvada?
Evidently I have none since I had to Google it to see what it is.

(Q) Can you remember when you became sexually aware and how that came about?
When I was 11-12 but how exactly – can't tell – this is a process.

(Q) When did you lose your virginity and how?
That depends if you are using Clinton's definition of sex or not :)    Oral sex – when I was 14 but saved my ass (not by choice) until I was 28. Fear not – I caught up pretty fast ;)

(Q) When (if) did you come out to your family and what was the experience like?
After I moved to Canada since back in my old country I wasn't actively gay, had no reference to it. That is not to say "I were not gay" – of course I was but not acting on it was confusing and there was nothing to come out about.

(Q)  Are you single? In a relationship?
I am married to a very hot and adorable Aussie furry bear :) He is also a famous Music Producer – Division 4 (no not the TV show from down under ;)
(Is his first name Charles?)

(Q) If single, is it hard to date due to your profession?
If in a relationship, how do you manage the dynamics of your profession with your partner?

My hubby loves my porn, in fact he always watches it unlike me – I rarely watch my work – too critical about it.

(Q) There is a perception that when Adult Actors are together that it is basically a sexual free for all.
How do you interact with each other?  Is it open season?  Bitchy?  Polite and Professional?  Is there a sense of community?  Give us some insights...
I don't know if there is such perception or not, but it definitely is not the case. If not anything else, even the basic reason that you must save your load for the scene doesn't permit much slutting around :) Interaction is very different with different guys. People are different, with some you click and is easy going, with others you don't. But no – never bitchy or anything unprofessional because at the end of the day if there is any tension – it does shows on camera. Generally models on set are courteous, professional, little playful at times (to set the mood). I won't go as far as saying "community" really..

 (Q) Do you have one particularly memorable scene/experience you are willing to share?
Well I have many memorable scenes for different reasons :)  But how do you pick.. I suppose the very first one would be a good example :)  Back then I had no idea how to do anything, what's going on.. It was a 3-way and the other two guys had quite a bit of experience – well they are both pros. And I was getting lost not sure what to do at times. Of course my nerves were beyond tight tense. Oh but the best part was that I was suppose to be DP'ed, which was a fantasy of mine but let me tell you – both those guys have BIG THICK DOCKS! It was hurting so much my entire body was shaking hard. It took 4 attempts until it finally happened. But it was also hurting them a lot – not just me. Sadly the editing process showed only the pain and not much of the satisfying result :)

(Q) Do you have one particularly HORRIBLE scene/experience you are willing to share? (No names)
Horrible – not, unpleasant yes. I was a bottom and the top was a guy with a BIG tool, who had many many scenes behind his back. So you would expect he would do things "properly", well let me tell you – this guy had NO IDEA how to fuck!  And I have noticed in life in general a lot of those "I am 100% with a big dick" guy rarely know how to fuck well. It takes a bottom to know how to fuck right! So even tho it was painful and very uncomfortable – I had to act as I am having the time of my life. And sure enough – most of the feed back I got form fans was – "love watching you having so much fun getting pounded by so so's big dick" :)


(Q) Now the 2 Cents Worth Down Under Qquickies

Favourite Drink....
BEER mostly but some nights a very fine scotch on rocks is in order.
Favourite Food...
Favourite style of music/artist...
Favourite movie/actor...

Day or night person...

Fave sexual activity...
Do you have a particular type of man you are attracted to...?
Fave way to spend a lazy Sunday morning...
Is there anything else you would like to share with our 2 Center's?

I have a pet peeve with people who after doing one or two scenes call them selves "porn star". 

You ain't a star, it is not just a term it's a status you have to achieve. Even tho I've done more then 35 scenes, and have my own DVD already (which not many in the industry get), I still refuse to call my self or to be referred to as a "porn star". This term should be reserved for the few whom everyone has heard of and are being seen in in film and or photos everywhere for years. The names that have survived the test of time and are responsible for many loads! :)

Thank you so much for being a part of my small corner of the blogverse Mr Angelo.
Many blessings of health, hope and happiness to you.



cb said...

Oh I would so let him use me any way he wanted to.....

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Hi im ur biggest fan and i love watching your xxx videos

Unknown said...

Hi im ur biggest fan and i love watching your xxx videos