Saturday, 14 February 2015

Senior Saturday ... Stephen Fry ....

At the gentle age of 57, Mr Fry would probably be rather bemused by me calling him an LGBT Senior :) - but he is an out gay man who is wonderfully intellectual and beautifully flawed.  He celebrates his flaws and owns them.  He is passionate about people and history.  He is also a great advocate for our community.

He is honest of his life with manic depression and his disappointment with the lack of intellect in the world and how mediocrity is celebrated as "reality TV".

His intellect brings forth a wonderful humour, a sharp wit and a gorgeous celebration of 'words'.  I wish we had more of him, but then he wouldn't be as special. 

Dear Mr Fry, you have helped so many rediscover that knowledge IS a beautiful thing and language is a hard but glorious task-mistress.  Thank you for presenting that smart can be humorous and interesting.  You are a delight Sir.




Queer Heaven said...

What a wonderful tribute to this wonderful man.
I have long admired him.

Damien said...

He is awesome.

We need more like him.