Monday, 18 May 2015

Mancandy Monday .... JoeyD & JohnnyV ...

If you are on Twitter and you don't follow these two men then what the hell is WRONG with you?

They are sexy as fuck and they're super sweet too!

I've had the pleasure of chatting with both of them.  They're sweet, smart, funny and sexy.  They take what they do seriously, but thankfully they don't take it TOO seriously lol.  These are two grounded guys.

They are also behind the awesome site American Muscle Hunks.  And you just have to go there. 
Besides Johnny and Joey, you'll see an amazing group of hot men flexing their stuff.  And such nice stuff it is :)

Enough talk.

Drink in the goodness.



Oh my - I *SO* want to snuggle with these two one day..... Thanks for sharing the love boys!


Unknown said...

Wow! Beautiful!
Keep up the great work!


Mark in DE said...

Hot guys ;-)