Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wow Wednesday ... Large Tony ...

So this Wednesday, I am featuring the lovely and handsome Tony aka LargeTony as the subject.

Why?  Because aside from the obvious wow down below, Tony is a lovely man with the soul of a poet.  If you go to his most recent blog - Third Leg - you will see why I say he has the soul of the poet.  Not once but many times, Tony has reduced me to tears with his writing.  He writes beautifully and from a place of truth.  These combined attributes meant his blog was only one of about 5 that I ensured I visited every day.  I looked forward to yet another post from him allowing us a peek into his simple but multi-layered life.  The "Granny", "The Attorney" and Tony, became a part of my life to the point that I was moved to real emotions about them.  I miss reading these posts, but I also know that sometimes blogging is something you have to walk away from. 

Tony is also a creative individual with a witty side business.  Naughty with tongue in cheek (you choose the cheek) T-shirts.  Here's a few examples....

You can buy these fabulous shirts at Shirts n Grins....  Surf over and support the business of one of our own.  AND get a fabulous T-Shirt that will be SURE to have the lads grinning.

And here is Tony modelling one of his own shirts...

OK - you waited, so here is the wow. 


You can also follow Tony on Twitter at @LargeTony.  And I encourage you to do so. 
He's a good guy and an interesting man with a great wit. 

I hope you enjoyed the Wow of this Wednesday....  and a thank you to Tony for letting me feature him and his merchandise....the shirts of course :)




Unknown said...

Love the t shirts!

Cy said...

A great wit and the soul of a poet??? 7 pictures and not ONE smile.

Damien said...

They are great aren't they Rex!

You know what they say Cy, if you can't say something nice.....

Cy said...

Damien, I wasn't being nasty..just factual. He doesn't smile.

Damien said...

Cy - I just looked at my latest catalog for Myer. Their models in there don't smile. Plus some people just don't smile in photos. I think we can give Tony a pass.

Scotty said...

Wait...there were shirts???

BosGuy said...

I have a few of his t-shirts. I love their messages.

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