Friday, 3 July 2015

My 2CW ... The Mess of NEW Wonder Woman ...

So I saw THIS image at my fellow blogger Viktor's blog HERE ........

So here is my 2 Cents Worth on the above promotional image.

I love Mr Cavill as Superman.  And I like the costume.
I am actually liking the gritty look of Affleck's Batman.  I think this is an interesting reimagining.

But NOTHING is right with Gadot's Wonder Woman.  And here is the thing.....

It's not her fault.  Though I would have hoped that maybe she could have objected like some actors would...
  • It's the costume. 
  • It's the lack of personal training that she should have been ordered by the producer to do just like the men would have to have done for their parts.  Men have to look the part.  So should the women if it's a bloody super hero called WONDER WOMAN!!!!!  The second most powerful hero in the DC universe. NOT SO WONDERFUL!
  • And finally ........ It's the porn-pout and the bust-thrust that seals the mess. 
  • And it's not even a hot mess. 
  • It isn't even good enough to be a dirty mess. 
  • It's just a mess.
  • And that Tiara .......... it look likes a Power Ranger lost their hair band.....

It's dreadful.  Just dreadful.

I think I need a cup of tea and a good lay down now.



Hot guys pictures said...

Cavill = SEXINESS !!!

Damien said...


Ben is the drunken alley fuck you have.

Poor Gal. They are going to ruin her career with this.