Wednesday, 9 March 2016



LP - Hired Stud said...

While I love you..... I have to say, MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Americans would prefer a President Trump over Clinton or Sanders.

Clinton is a proven liar who will do or say anything for a vote and Sanders is a socialist who wants to over tax and give shit away to people who are too lazy to get out and earn their own money.

America is sick and tired of giving shit away and taking care of the rest of the world, Trump will change that and honestly (without offense) we are tired of the rest of the world trying to tell us who to vote for.

Jimmy said...

NO, NO, NO!!!!! If a Democrat does not win, Gay Rights will be set back or eliminated. We will be back to the Anita Bryant days. I am more worried about the next Supreme Court judge. The judge has got to be liberal.

btw, I love you Damien. You get my blood pressure surging every morning. lol

Damien said...

LP - I have to respectfully disagree on two points. 1 - I am part American - I am not the rest of the world. 2 - Whilst you may not LIKE Hillary Clinton, President Trump will be a disaster for the American economy and international relations, especially trade. This is a man for whom almost every venture has ended in Bankruptcy. He "talks" well. The biggest scheisters always do.

Grouchy - thank you Sir.

Cy said...

Trump is an egomaniac. Electing him as President will put us back into the dark ages. Most European heads of state do want to deal with him. Even his fellow republicans can't stand him. And there are no republican alternatives. Cruz is anti-gay and Rubio is an asshole. While most Americans are afraid of Sanders because he is a Socialist, and Clinton is not trusted by many, the only vote is Democrat. Take your pick.