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......Profile.............. Please Welcome Back Scott from "Bill In Exile" ...............

..............and here we have a treat. Scott from Bill In Exile is back for a part 2 of the profile that got the most traffic ever on my blog. Now some would use the term groupie - but I am a great admirer of Scott.

He represents a minority of gay men these days - cultured, urbane, witty, intelligent, insightful. Yes, he is also a pig with a penchant for porn and some of the PRETTIEST boyfriends you will ever see BUT it is part of the picture and not the WHOLE picture. Some of you lads could learn a thing or too from this.

Oh - and I just had to throw my 2 cents worth in at certain points as well because these answers deserve some worship. I'm in PINK. Surprise.

(2CW) Hey Scott- welcome back mate !

Glad to be back. You know, you're the only blogger I would do one of these for don't you?

And I am grateful that a mensch like you said yes to my request - twice :)

The man himself

(2CW) You recently had a little bit of cutting done. How's it healing up?

Not too bad actually. They took my appendix out and that healed fine......for a bit.

(2CW) Now since you were last here, a lot has happened in your life. Why don't you bring us all up to date?

Wellll, after the appendectomy one of the incision sites got badly infected so I got rushed back to the hospital where they opened me up again in order to scrape out the abscess. They had to leave the wound open -- it was so big that they couldn't suture it -- so now, and for the next couple of weeks, I've got a hole in my stomach that you can slip three or four quarters stacked on top of each other into.

And just a few days before all this happened my BF Richard departed for China on a work assignment for the next TWO YEARS!!!

(2CW) How are you doing being on your own with the puppies?

The dogs miss Richard. Me? Not so much.

Liar .......... :)

(2CW) How was your Summer in Seattle this year? Did you get a good one this year?

Summer here tends toward the beautiful -- our weather comes from Hawaii during the summer -- but this summer was a once in a century summer. We had gorgeous weather pretty much non stop from May until the end of September. Although, the last week of July was hot. In fact it got to 107 degrees here one day and was actually hotter here that day than at Death Valley -- usually the hottest spot in America.

(2CW) Lets get down to politics coz you know how much I love that. Let's start off with the obvious. Joe Wilson. I am not even going to use his proper form of address. Can you believe this douche broke ALL the rules and heckled during a Presidential address??? 1st time in the history of the Capitol. Nancy Pelosi looked like she was gonna do a twirl and put the smack down on his ass.

The republicans have become so unhinged and shit-house rat crazy that its really amazing. And quite entertaining actually. All of this behavior is simply them acting out because they're not in power anymore and as I said on my blog recently -- republicans have become the biggest group of pussies and babies imaginable. Always whining and bitching and playing the victim but never once willing to step up with a solution for the problems that ail us.

(2CW) Has the political right suffered a group acquired brain injury recently?

They listen to Glenn beck too much that's for sure. Enuff said.

Glenn "The Butthead" Beck

(2CW) And the whole "Gay Marriage is Socialism?" That one makes me laugh so hard I pee myself a litte. You have to love ignorant people who actively demonstrate their Appalacian-backass-country-fuck education which only serves to highlight one single fact........................... they are douches........... and stupid ones at that.

If Gay marriage is socialism then that makes every hetero married couple in America card carrying communists because all we're asking for is exactly the same thing that they get already.

(2CW) As a Jew I have to say that I am pretty disgusted not only at the overt racism being chucked at the President but also that these meat heads are throwing in Nazi references as well?

You know Damien, that's really not all that unusual in American politics. We've got this wide and deep strain of racism that runs through our country and its always been right out there on display for everyone to see. Its just gotten more out there and in your face since November when all of these fuckwitted bigots lost their God given right to not have a black president and are now all pissed off about it.

The overt racism we are now seeing is just stomach turning.....

(2CW) How do you feel President Obama is doing? He is incredibly popular on the international stage, but how about at home?

I give him a Gentleman's C teetering on a C minus if he doesn't pull his head out of his ass. I think he's made a huge mistake spending too much time trying to win bipartisan support for his policies from republicans who have no investiture in anything other than seeing him fail and who have demonstrated zero willingness to negotiate in good faith. He's done so at the expense of good policy, giving away things in the health care debate that didn't need to be given away.

I also think that he and Tim Geithner have done nothing to curb the excesses of the bankers and Wall Streeters that brought our economy to the edge of ruin. He's also been abysmal when it comes to gay issues and there I give him an F. I think his embrace of Bush era anti-terror polices such as the Patriot Act and his willingness to detain people without charges and to continue the Bush era surveillance polices are outrageous as well.

(2CW) It is the 70th Anniversary since the start of World War II. My grandad was an American GI who fought in the Pacific. Interestingly enough we have seen Nazi references used by Birthers, college guys in New Zealand dressing up as Jewish concentration camp prisoners, an Australian Radio host who used concentration camp references and several other bits in the news all about the tacky use of WWII images and references. Have we failed to educate the current generation about the sacrifice and horror of that period?+

Yes and no. I think that we don't focus on stuff like this because its hard and because people want to forget it all. But at the same time even if you did educate people better you run up against the problem that not only is it hard and people want to forget it but many people are also stupid and racist -- and a lot of them like being that way.

I just do not understand people who want to remain "intentionally ignorant"!

(2CW) I love the Military Porn you show on BIE. For those who have no clue what that is - Active Duty and Military Classified aside - can you explain what it is?

Military Porn is, quite simply, military weaponry. Shit blowing up. And people blowing shit up. A picture or a YouTube of an AC-130 "Spooky" Gunship firing all of its weapons on a night mission is the epitome of Mil/Porn. Google it and after watching it for a while tell me it didn't get your dick hard.

And yes - it DOES get my dick hard (I am still SO bitter the Oz Navy wouldn't take me)

(2CW) It seems to me that we are totally losing our civilty these days. We just do not seem to be as respectful and as mindful a society as we once was. Would you agree or disagree?

We were civil once? When was that because I'm pretty sure I missed it.

I think we once were - at least at the societal level.

(2CW) Did you see the hot mess that was the Kirk Cameron youtube about Darwin?

I luvz me some Kirk Cameron!!!

That boy is fucking convinced that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a dinosaur. You've just gotta love a person who so convinced of his righteousness in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Did you see him in the tee vee version of The Left Behind series? They should have given him an Emmy for Earnestness.

(2CW) Can you believe the whole Kanye meltdown? WTF was that?

Kanye has clearly been surrounded too long by yes men and go on girls. He needs to get out from his bubble and he'll realize that he's just a poor dumb asshole like the rest of us.

(2CW) Onto men - and hot men - namely your exes. You CERTAINLY know how to pick hot, handsome men. You are also very good friends with all of them it seems. Most gay men I know have that rule "Exes are exes for a reason and that makes them my enemy". Now I've had a couple of break ups where it was acrimonious and parting ways was the right thing to do. But I have also had some exes that I did stay friends with. How have you managed it?

All of my Exes are my friends. In fact, they're my closest friends. If you're gonna be as close to someone as you are when you're boyfriends it sort of seems stupid to me not to do the things necessary to keep those people in your life even after you stop being boyfriends.

Scott & Ex-Patrick

Plus, all my Exes are really hot and I like having them around so that as I enter my dotage I am able to be reminded that I was, at one time, capable of scoring hot menz like them.

(2CW) On to Porn - WOO HOO !!! (Come one Scott - you know how much of a piglet I am :) - What's happening in your life in the world of cock, butt and cum? Any news? Anything you wanna share :) ?

Absolutely NOTHING if you can believe. I've been very very calm the past couple of years.

Oh dear :(

(2CW) In a recent post on your blog about how lacking the art of true cocksucking is - I can't agree more - you made mention that you produce porn. Do tell?

I consider Bill in Exile porn. I mean, I get banned from enough links from other blogs because they deem my blog porn so I consider the fact that I produce the blog as the same as producing porn. My blog is banned in China for that very reason you know.

(2CW) How are the Hot House guys? They visited you recently didn't they? If you saw my Porn Star profile recently he said a number of highly complimentary things about them. They really do seem to be the standard of how companies should operate.

Actually, they'll be here in three days! Hall of Fame director and Hot House President Steven Scarborough and his BF Brent, the HH VP/Creative Director (and my Ex) arrive here on Friday Oct. 2 to help me celebrate my 50th birthday.

The infamous 3-some themselves :)

The Hot House Duo Themselves

(2CW) You've been puttting up some bareback vids on your site recently? Any backlash because of that? I love 'em. Keep 'em coming.

None so far but I'm waiting for some sanctimonious concern troll to slither out from under his rock and start savaging me in my comment section for being irresponsible or some such shit. f course, he'll only do that AFTER watching the videos a hundred times and jacking off to them each and every time.

(2CW) You're turning 50 very soon. Firstly, Mazel Tov and may HaShem keep you safe and healthy for many more birthdays to come. How you feeling? Do you have a big birthbay bash planned or more of a laid back do?

See above re: the birthday bash and I'm feeling good actually, thanks for asking. In my mind I act like a 17 or 18 year old so I'm not to influenced by the actual passage of the years.

One of Scott's presents :)

(2CW) Now for the 2 Cents Quickies ...... You've done these before I think but let's get 'em out for there for our readers.

Favourite Drink ...........

Fresh brewed iced tea

Me Too - me & the hubby LOVE this stuff.

Favourite Breakfast Dish........

Candied ginger/lemon oat cakes w vanilla whipping cream and crispy, thick cut bacon served at Pomegranate in Redmond Washington.

If you were a Hankie Colour it would be ...........


For you uneducated boyz - that means few limits - my kind of man :)

Red or White Wine ..........

red -- unless I'm being offered a nice Chassagne Montrachet or a 1967 Chateau d'Yquem


Mayo or Mustard ..................

Mustard -- Hot Deli style.

Favourite Television Show .................

That's hard because I've got a few -- House, the Office, Entourage, Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad Men and The Ultimate Fighting Championship are some of them.

Favourite all time Movie.....................

Dr. Strangelove

Take on Reality TV..................

Useless. But hey, at least it gives these people a paycheck who would otherwise either be on the dole or starving to death.

Classical or Modern and Why..........

That's too broad a question -- classical what? Literature? Music? Modern what? Architecture? Porn?

OK - here is a quickie part 3 then mate for challenging me like that :)

Give me some blurbs on all.

Modern vs Classic porn
Classic. Anything with Leo and Lance or Johnny Davenport.

Music today vs music 20 years ago.
20 years ago. I'm a House Head so.......

Box type houses vs the architecture of the classical period.
Both, if done well. If not, then an apartment.

Recent Film you saw and what you thought of it...........

Inglorious Basterds -- fun.

Favourite Sunday Morning Activity.............

Reading the paper, walking the dogs and then going to Top Pot Doughnuts for breakfast.

If someone wants to impress you when you are out they should .........

Blow me while I'm driving my truck.


(2CW) So what's next for you and your blog Big Fella?

Well, I've got a big business project that is going to start impacting my time soon so I'm trying to figure out how to keep the blog from suffering because of it. Hopefully it won't but if it does I trust you to let me know.

(2CW) Thanks for being here and we look forward to getting you back for a Part 3. It's been great having you back mate. Thanks again for your time. Cheers :)

My pleasure Damien

Thank you Scott - Enjoy all!


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PS Loving the new profile pic of you mate :)

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Great interview Damien! Thanks for the link to his blog. Scott is a very interesting guy. It is very easy to see why you are an admirer.

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Great job Damien - I enjoyed reading this interview.