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...........Profile........... Viktor AKA Wonder Man..........From "Maybe It's Just Me" .......

........... Today on the blog we continue our exploration of the people behind the blogs.

Our latest profile is the Wonderful Man behind "Maybe Its Just Me....."

His blog is a cornucopia of comics, Wonder Woman, film, politics and absolutely no "down low" foolishness.

He is an out and proud black gay man and my most loyal reader.

So enjoy and please welcome WM to 2 Cents Worth.


(2CW) Hey WM - welcome to the blog mate !

Hi Damien, I'm glad to be here.

(2CW) Your blogger profile reads I'm very laid back and easy going. I like to meet people, read, talk about politics, culture and life. I am a huge comic book fan (X-Men family and Wonder Woman) I also want to say that I am a proud black gay man...no 'down low' drama here. This is a very apt description of you. So where did your blog start and what was the inspiration for it?

Honestly, I can't the remember the main reason. I just thought I had a lot to say and why not put it out there. Besides, it was a chance to be creative and silly.

(2CW) How did you come up with the moniker Wonder Man?

Very simple answer, my friend, from Wonder Woman.

(2CW) Tell us about the life of WM. What does he do? What is the important person in his life like? Is he good to his mother :)

I work at the University of Southern California, as an Assistant Director of Residential Education. I get to teach a course once a year, meet great people, work with great peers and live in L.A. My partner is Jamie is a great guy, a really great guy. He's super smart, very talented in music and he has a wonderful heart. I am very fortunate to have him in my life. Is he good to his mother? He tries.

(2CW) Now you and I both ADORE Wonder Woman. Is there any news on whether a WW movie is going to happen?

Well, with the new initiatives of DC Entertainment becoming a priority, the possibility of a WW movie is very real. I believe Gail Simone (the writer of WW comic) heard a WW movie has a great chance of being made.

(2CW) Now you're a comics groupie like me? If so DC or Marvel? And why? :)

Yes, I'm more of a junkie. When comes to comics, I'm a Marvel man. There are more diverse and interesting characters like Storm, Magik, Dani/Mirage, Gambit, Karma, Selene, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Scarlett Witch and Doctor Strange. I like the vast story lines and complex characters, and I have much love for DC as well.

(2CW) Tell us a little bit about the life of a WM in Los Angeles, America.

Los Angeles is an interesting place. It very spread out and at times it feels like many different cities in one. The gay life is also interesting here. There's West Hollywood or WeHo, where most of the mainstream gay life is. However, it tends to be very shallow and filled with gay clones. It's quite entertaining because it's unbelievable and over the top.

You can see gay porn stars walking about and too many drunk twinks stumbling on the sidewalks. Again, very entertaining. Silver Lake is very cool, the bears run that area. It's a lot friendlier and diverse is many ways. It's very down to earth and bars are great social places. LGBT people of color mixed in both areas so you get a variety in both gay meccas.

(2CW) Let me ask the most obvious question given both our interests in current events, what do you think of the President Obama backlash? Why, in your opinion, do you think this is happening at the level it is?

The Obama backlash is quite ridiculous on both LGBT and Health Care side of things. There are several reasons why I think this is happening, I'll try to make it quick.
  • Many folks wanted Hillary in office.
  • Folks are not as keen on the real deal of politics.
  • People are not patient and want things to happen NOW.
  • Many folks are uncomfortable with a Black president.
  • People fear change.
These are just a few, but I feel, they are key pieces in the backlash.

(2CW) Is there hope for this? Presumably the President will be there another 7 years?

If people want change in health care or LGBT rights, they will keep Obama in office. We would be daft to think otherwise... Yes, I'm biased, I love Obama.

(2CW) Is it hard to be gay and black? Is homophobia in the black community as entreched as it is made out to be in the media?

I think it is for some people. In our culture, religion and family values are very strong influences. So when you are caught in between those issues, the coming out process can be very trying. Homophobia is very strong in our community, but I also think it's very strong in many cultural communities.

(2CW) Are there black gay role models? (If there are forgive me - I ask this as someone outside of the culture obviously - but I ask with the utmost respect)

I understand, Damien. Yes, there are role models: Baynard Rustin, Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, Coretta Scott King, Marlon Riggs and James Baldwin are mine.

(2CW) I was surprised at how divided America still is along racial lines when I lived there. Given that we are in the 21st century, is this something that is just plain silly to still have?

It is silly, but I hope racial issues fade in next 50 years... Wishful thinking, I know.

(2CW) Lets talk Tin Tits :) - When did you fall in love with WW and did you do the twirl :) ?

I fell in love WW from the TV show and the Super Friends cartoons as a kid. She was so exciting as a hero, I thought she was way more interesting than Spider-Man or the Hulk. And the twirl, as a kid I would put a towel on my head, my red rain boots and a jump rope and twirl around at least three times a day (according to my cousin, Steven)

(2CW) I am always surprised at how many people seem to be fans of Wonder Woman. Why do you think a woman in a star spangled leotard strikes SUCH a chord with gay men?

I think it's different for all of us. For me, it was the Greek mythology background. Zeus, Athena and Hercules are great characters to read about. Plus I love the idea of the amazons, the history about them is truly fascinating.

(2CW) Did you enjoy the X-Men movies? Do you think they transferred the spirit of the comic to the screen well?

I enjoyed the second X-Men movie. The first one was so-so and the third... No comment. I think the cartoons transferred the spirit of the comic much better than the movies.

(2CW) I am very sad to hear that there will be no further Superman movies :( He is one of my all time favourites of either the DC or Marvel Universes.

I am as well, but I think the very first two "Christopher Reeves" versions will preserve the spirit of Superman for a long while.

(2CW) You are also a fan of Horror. What's your top five horror movies?

Return of the Living Dead, the ORIGINAL Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Creepshow and Hellraiser

(2CW) Let's talk about GLBT America. Why is gay marriage and DADT getting SUCH a hardline opposition?

Religion... That's the big, big reason. It's the real power behind the oppression.

(2CW) The Right in America appears to have lost it's collective marbles. I was simply stunned to see a United States Representative yell at the President during an address to Congress!!! WTF is going on?

When folks lose power, they lose their wits. The GOP is desperate and lost, they are looking for anything to hold on to.

(2CW) We've seen people like Palin and Wilson and Limbaugh and Coultier and so many others off into intellectual wilderness. My question given you are an informed, intelligent individual is how the HELL are these people able to get anywhere in a supposedly smart country?

Because we are not a smart country... We have Britney Spears as a icon and Transformers 2 as a huge summer hit. That should give you an insight to our silliness.

(2CW) Now for the 2 Cents Quickies ......

Favourite Drink ...........

Favourite Breakfast Dish........
anything with Bacon

If you were a Hankie Colour it would be ...........
just one? Well, I'll give you three: Peach, Argyle, Red with a black stripe on the right

Red or White Wine ..........

Mayo or Mustard ..................
Spicy Mustard

Favourite Television Show .................
True Blood

Favourite all time Movie............

Take on Reality TV..................
Mess, but fun sometimes

Classical or Modern and Why..........
Modern, I like to dance.

Recent Film you saw and what you thought of it...........
Jennifer's Body, I really liked it.

Favourite Sunday Morning Activity.............

If someone wants to impress you when you are out they should .........
be themselves

(2CW) So what's next for you and your blog WM?

I'm going to start writing scripts and I may start adding vlogs to my post.

(2CW) Thanks for being here and we look forward to getting you back for a Part 2. Cheers :)

Thank you Damien for choosing me, I'm always up for more ;)

............ A totally delightful man :)



YvesPaul said...

Vik is one of the friendliest guys I've met online. He seems to be everybody's friend!

Damien NZ said...

He really does seem to be quite a nice person.

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Very fun! Loved this post.

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Damien - you must see this:


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Thanks again, Damien

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Damien - you rock! Great post! WM - you a lucky SOB! Love Xanadu 2!

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Wow! This interview was great. I'm a big fan of both of you, and now an even bigger one.

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As a new reader of WM, thanks for this great info :o)