Tuesday, 6 October 2009

..........Profile Time ! ......................... JAVA JUNKIE !!! ...............

In our second profile in recent times (I'm working on a third as we speak) we continue our exploration of the people behind the blogs. Our latest profile is the Java Junko behind - strangley enough J@V@ JuNKIE!

The self confessed addict of the bean has a fascinating blog and a rather concerning obsession with Madonna - but that's okay :)

So enjoy and please welcome JJ to 2 Cents Worth.
(2CW) Hey JJ- welcome to the blog mate !

So awesome to be here! Omg, i thought this was for Oprah Magazine?? Did you pass this through with my agent? kidding! Sorry for the long delay in getting this to ya! I've been off the nets for a while, haven't even done a blog in weeks! doh!! i feel so special!

(2CW) So just how addicted to the java bean are you :) ?

omg i'm so addicted to coffee that I bleed espresso! People run in terror from me if i don't get my java fix! If i had to choose between not ever having to have a cup of coffee every day or listen to Madonna ever again....I'd seriously have to think about that one. I put ground coffee pods in my sock drawer so my socks smell like coffee and when i open the drawer i get this whiff of fresh ground coffee....THATs how addicted i am! Coffee is just awesome!! I love everything about it!

(2CW) What's your preferred cup of joe?

Straight up fresh brewed! i know, boring! But I will drink anything that has coffee in it! I love all coffee drinks! And i cook with it too! Try rubbing a bit of fresh ground espresso on a roast before you cook it! omg sooooo good!

(2CW) Tell us about the life of a Java Junkie. Aside from partaking of copious cups of Java, what do you get up to?

I live a pretty mellow life. I paint in my free time, I play Xbox, i love to have coffee with friends, I have a 1 year old niece that i love to spend time with and play. I don't mind the occasional night out to the bars still, i can get my groove on still...I love going for walks, I do lots of baking, drawing and sometimes catch a tv show. Pretty boring i know!

(2CW) For those of us who are international, tell us about Dauphin, Manitoba in Canada

Well I'm originally from here but i haven't always lived here, its a long personal story why i'm here again but its your stereotypical small town with way too many old people, lots of bad hair styles, way too many churches, lots of close minded people and no Starbucks....it does have beaches, lakes, mountains and lots of wildlife around it, so if you're the outdoorsy type there is are lots of options. Great for a family to start in too. I won't be here much longer though. I moved from Vancouver so i would like to go back there! Eventually i will end up in New York some how. Anyone in New York want a Canadian roomie? ;) i can bake!

(2CW) Tell us about your obsession with Madonna?

Well i wouldn't call it an obsession, maybe 15 years ago i was, with posters on my wall and buying every magazine that had her in it lol, now I'm just a loyal fan that thinks Madonna is the greatest entertainer of all time. I think she's cool, she's got balls and there isn't anyone in the world with so much determination, drive and accomplishment as her!

She knows what she wants in life and gets it almost every time.
She's a perfect example that you can do anything in life if you have the drive to work hard for it. Can you imagine the memoir book she could write when she's 80!!! Can you imagine the amount of trees it would take to make enough paper to hold all that information! She's just very entertaining, always reinventing herself and never boring, i don't understand why people like to try to bash her down so much just because she is doing what she loves and doesn't want to stop doing it.

(2CW) Do you think she is on the downward slope? Many are commenting in the music world that she has "lost the spark".

...uh yah, whatever, people have been saying that since the 90's yet she is still topping the charts. People like to speak negatively about her because she's too easy a target and when someone is as successful as she is they like to try to knock them down or stick them in a box...its human nature. I have been a fan since she first started out. You can only please certain people and of course not everyone will like Madonna, she's already proven herself and has the credentials to back it and now she's just enjoying the ride trying new things. One of the main reasons she is still so much a part of the music scene is because of her drive to try new things, and play with different producers and she's not afraid to experiment.

People think she's "lost the spark" only because they want her to stay the same and do the same thing all the time. She is keeping the spark lit by doing the opposite and doing her own thing. I don't think there is any artist that has lasted more than 5 years putting out the same music....well except Mariah Carey, all her songs sound the same every time, i don't understand why people like her? Shes so boring.

Of course she's not going to be the Madonna from before, that would be boring to stay the same so long and she's not going to get a hit every time, but alot of her music is unfairly critisized and under appreciated and not given the airplay and credit it deserves because "mainstream" music pretty lame now and just about selling a product.

Her last concert is the biggest selling tour EVER by a female artist, she just tied with Elvis Presley for the record in the UK for most number 1 albums by an artist(next to beat is the Beatles...which she will beat), she has the most number 1 singles on the Billboard dance charts than any other artist, since she started her career she has broken barriers for women not only in the arts but in society too, the music industry would be a different place if it wasn't for Madonna pushing our buttons. I can keep going on and on about her success but i think it's pretty well known how much Madonna has accomplished.

(2CW) Madonna is looking a LITTLE scary. Has she gone too far with the workouts?

well i think to do what she does you have to be in top shape and with her tour on the go for almost a year I think a person would have to be in such shape to handle it. How many 51 year old woman can do that! I don't think it was so bad for her to be in so good of shape. She looked amazing on David Letterman the other day!! Now that she is done her tour we'll probably see her get a bit more curvier again and not as buffed.

2CW) You have a real love of music, which is reflected in your blog, who are your faves and why?

Music makes the people come together! Get into the Groove! Music is a part of my soul! I love all types of music, it makes me feel happy, it makes emotions come to life, i have music playing all the time. I have a lot of memories that are set to music. Some of my faves other than the obvious, are Canadian artists:
City and Colour- A Canadian gem, Dallas Green writes the most beautiful lyrics and melodies that are so honest and really puts emotions into songs.

Never-ending White Lights- An amazing artist with dramatic music that is just beautiful to listen to. Chantal Kreviazuk-Another Canadian wonder! She is such an amazing song writer! Colour Moving and Still is one of my favorite albums ever and i still listen to it all the time. Her songs are so honest and beautiful. She has written many songs for other famous performers as well.

Alanis Morissette-her music writing and arrangements are just awesome!! She may not have the strongest voice to sing with but she makes up for it in her talents of creating lyrics and music!!
I have so many music likes, this list could go on forever! Radiohead, Kate Bush, Star You Star Me, John Mayer, Portishead, Matthew Good, Janet, Bif Naked, Garbage, White Lies, even some Marilyn Manson!! I have a pretty eclectic itunes library that ranges from every type of music....

(2CW) There is a real concern that the music industry doesn't have the depth of talent like it used to. The proliferation of "just add water" artists and auto-tune would seem to back this up. What are your thoughts?

omg the music these days is sooooooo crappy! Its not even about talent any more, its just about making a product and selling it. There isn't any new artist that has come out in the past couple years that i can see 10 years in the future still making music and being in the top of the charts, its just terrible what has happened to the music industry! Don't get me wrong, there is lots of talent out there, but they don't get any of the airplay or recognition they deserve now days so they are left out in the cold. Waaaaaay too much auto-tune now days! i mean come on!! Its okay sure to use it to get that one or two notes that you can't hit, of course not everyone has a voice that is perfect but now artists are just singing entire songs with it, they sound like robots! its ridiculous!

(2CW) Can you believe the whole Kanye meltdown? WTF was that?

ugh...i can't stand that asshole, he's thee biggest douche of all time, even before Taylorgate. Katty Perry put in text perfectly on her Twitter "its like you stepped on a kitten" lol! I don't like him at all! His music sucks, I'm glad he's getting the backlash he finally deserves because of his arrogance.

(2CW) For us Non-Americans / Non-Canadians, what is Glee?

Glee is such a great show on FOX about a group of kids in a high school arts program, Glee club, which they sing and perform. Its kinda like a high school musical thing, but it doesn't suck and its not cheesy barfness. Its actually really funny and the supporting cast of teachers are really good too. Its not all just singing and dancing, there are just occasional outbursts of song and dance. Plus a few cute guys on the show ;)

(2CW) Canada is right next to the US but has a completely different, almost polar opposite culture. What is the opinion of Canadians of the whole President Obama racism backlash and the inability to move forward on issues like gay marriage?

uh, yah, i don't really stick my nose in politics...especially American, I don't really understand them sometimes, in the states they seem to like drama and make mountains out of mole hills over ever single issue. We get along pretty good like bread and butter, of course we have our differences. I don't know why it is so hard for them to get over the whole black/white thing?? Its like they like to bring that up every time! get over it!! And the whole gay marriage Prop 8 is just bizarre that some people in the states are so scared of gays lol, they think we're going to ruin their lives yet some states have passed gay marirage?

No offense to our neighbors but they are always a bit slow on progression and i don't know why? I think the whole Obama thing is a great step, its too bad he's not really doing anything to change things like he promised. Politics there has become more of a game to win for your political party every 4 years than it is for working for the people to make a better life for them. Its pretty much like that in every country i guess, it just seems more so in the States, its always Blue V.S Red...

(2CW) I've noticed that a lot of the hotties you have on the blog are inked. Do you have any tatts?

...no :( I'm a tatt wannabe, my biggest flaws are procrastination...and indecisiveness....i guess thats two. I would love lots of tattoos, but i just don't know what i want or where to get them. I think tattoos are hot on a guy, as long as they aren't stupid tattoos, nothing worse than a hot guy with really dumb tattoos. But i will get some...eventually....i better hurry up before I'm old and rotting.

(2CW) What sort of guy gets your water boiling?

hmmm, I'm not really sure i have a "type" of guy that i really like. Guys with glasses are cute!! Visually i think i tend to like guys with dark eyes, hair, eyebrows and a cute button nose, rugged and hairy chested is hot too, he doesn't have to have a perfect body either. A nice smile always catches my eye. I always am attracted to a guys personality or artistic talents. A guy that can create something from his mind is sexy! or make me laugh, likes to have fun and be a bit immature will get me twitterpated! A big turn off for me is a guy that is arrogant, or uses way too much profanity in their speech, and is impatient, or likes to dress head to toe in brand labels....and dislikes Madonna :(

(2CW) There is a recurring theme of cats on your blog. Are you a cat lover or is it something deeper - perhaps repressed :) ?

lol! really? i never really thought that... uh....no, i just like cats. i have 2! plus cats are funny. especially " lol cats". A photo of a cat "flying in the air" or its mouth wide open with a funny phrase always gets me giggling... I would love a dog too, but I don't have the patience, time, and commitment to give a dog, cats are low maintenance pets, as long as you feed them and give them water...they don't kill you in your sleep.

(2CW) You have an interesting in painting - notably pots - where did this come from and do you have many?

I do paint, I've always been an artist, my family is full of artists. I paint, i love photography, i cartoon, i design cakes. Painting is fun for me, to create something that you imagine in you head is amazing, not just pots, i just find it fun to paint them. I like making something that is boring and dull, bright and colourful! I've painted lots of pots but i give them away to friends as gifts. I have a chair i'm painting right now, it was boring so i'm givin it a j@va jolt! My nephew makes fun of me cause most of my art has a coffee theme to it...

(2CW) Do you like art? What sort of art / artists do you enjoy?

I do like art of course! I love illustration art! Especially the cartoony kind like Tim Biscup and Gama-Go, anything with lots of colour and kinda odd!! But i like all art in general, one of the highlights of my life so far is when i was in New York and visited the MET!!! SOOOOO FRICKIN AMAZING!!

(2CW) You are also a fan of Horror. What's your top five horror movies?
hmmmmm.... The Shining, The Exorcist, Scream, Halloween, the Amityville Horror, The Omen

I like the older classic horror movies, they are so much better than the crap they try to pass as horror now, horror isn't all about blood and guts and more blood and horrible ways to show a person dieing. Classic horror movies used drama, suspense and the element of surprise to scare you! I haven't seen a good scary horror movie in years...

(2CW) Now for the 2 Cents Quickies ......

Favourite Drink ...........
hmmm as in spirits? Caesars!! A Canadian creation wonder!! otherwise if just a drink, uh...coffee or Pepsi.

Favourite Breakfast Dish........
mmmmm a nice spinach and mushroom quiche!!! with lots of cheese!!

If you were a Hankie Colour it would be ...........
I'm not familiar with the hankie colour code?? hold on, let me Google this....wow...seriously? I knew of some sort of hankie thing in the gay scene but never really looked into it! Do guys really do that?? Thats way too much for me, I don't like to label myself and pretty open minded so I would have one that looked like a unicorn barfed all over it and it had every colour of the rainbow on it..

Red or White Wine ..........
hmmmmm thats a tough one....I'll have to say red, sweet but not overly dry.

Mayo or Mustard ..................
Miracle Whip! google it if you don't know...

Favourite Television Show .................
Dexter! He makes serial killing sexy!

Favourite all time Movie
Reality Bites! i think I've watched it a hundred times!

Take on Reality TV.................
lazy TV making! The fact that people people pay attention to those girls on that dumb show "the Hills" and are famous, just makes me vomit a little..

Classical or Modern and Why..........
Modern, i love straight lines, crisp design, cool style and colour, Modern is sexy...

Recent Film you saw and what you thought of it...........
I was just on a date with a guy and we saw Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs in 3D, it was soooo fun! We both loved it and enjoyed the 3D, it wasn't as much of a kids movie as i thought, the humor was mature enough for anyone to enjoy! lol

Favourite Sunday Morning Activity.............
ugh i hate Sundays, sooooo boring! If i'm up in the morning on a Sunday, i like to just have a nice big cup of coffee and do some blog reading in bed or go out to a cafe and sit outside to people watch.

If someone wants to impress you when you are out they should .........
Not try so hard to impress me, Be fun and silly and be yourself. I'm still a kid at heart so i like to go out and have fun, be silly, and do stupid stuff, its boring when the other person isn't who they really are and is just trying to give a good show.

(2CW) So what's next for you and your blog JJ?

more random insanity! I just go by the moment and don't think about whats next! You'll just have to click and see! I've been on hiatus for a while from my blog, so busy the past couple weeks! So it's on a coffee break...i need to drink more coffee to get my ass in gear and start posting...

(2CW) Thanks for being here and we look forward to getting you back for a Part 2. Cheers :)

Part 2!? omg you better give me a months notice considering how long it took me just to do this one!! lol! :)


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