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. we welcome back Simon the Sex Worker for another look into the world of the sex industry.

Today we talk about fetish escorting and how it differs from regular sex work.

So without further ado - welcome back Simon to 2 Cents Worth!

(2CW) Hi Simon, how's things?

Good. Although a little tired. Had a very busy week.

(2CW) Business doing well?

It is. We are getting really warm weather here in Brisbane and those long, balmy Queensland nights brings out the horniness. Good for business. Not so good for my back or lack of sleep LOL.

(2CW) Now this weekend on 2 Cents Worth is all about leather and fetish. Do you get much in the way of requests for this kind of work?

Fetish escorting is a real niche. Interestingly enough, the Ladies get MANY more requests for that than I do. Straight men have a lot more issues in this area than gay men who are much more adventurous and free in their relationships.

I usually get about one maybe two requests a month. But then, every few months, I'll get a run of clients who want something different.

(2CW) What are the main differences between fetish and regular escorting?

Fetish escorting requires two things that set it apart from regular escorting - more time, and more money. Fetish isn't something that you can have a quickie with like regular sex. "Good" fetish play takes time and is all about exploration. Not really something you can do in a 60 minutes regular booking.

(2CW) What fetishes will you do and want won't you do?

I am happy to do watersports, bondage and rope play, fisting as a top only, Cock and Ball Play, Tit Play, Leather, Denim, Bi-3ways, gang-bangs.

I won't do underage, animals (you'd be stunned at how many requests workers get for this - people stop trying to LOVE your pets please), blood, scat, or any type of unsafe anal play.

My personal favourite is watersports. For some people it grosses them out but for me there is a real sense of intimacy in piss play. It's warm, it's sterile and if you've never deep kissed someone whilst you both pee over each other - get brave and give it a try :)

(2CW) So with regards to bondage and rope work, do you do that as a sub or top?

With clients I only ever top. There is another worker who I have played with privately that I trust to tie me up though so if a client REALLY wants it he has to get my mate and then it can happen. That way the client gets what he wants and I get to remain safe. AND my mate is uber-hot with huge muscles and a dark brooding face - he is a great top. He snarls LOL.

(2CW) He snarls?????

LOL - yeah he does. When he really get's into it he emits this low soft growl from the back of his throat. Is the hottest thing when you are immobilised and gagged with him slapping your cock around.

WHEW!! Either its getting hot in here or the air-con has gone off! LOL

(2CW) OMG you are such the "Happy Hooker"!!

Totally am. If you can't laugh with this shit then you really just aren't cut out for showbiz!!

(2CW) So tell me - what type of people get into the fetish play?

Interestingly enough MOST blue-collar types aren't into it at all. I have one client who is a bisexual brick layer who LOVES to be pissed on whilst being fisted but that's it. Although - that isn't exactly a "light" scene LOL.

Most fetish clients are white collar, tertiary educated professionals.

(2CW) You know that we love hearing about your celeb clients. So any stars into the naughty stuff?

Yes - a few. One of the footballers I see on a regular basis is into piss and humiliation in a huge way. Now, I'm 5'8 and 75 kilos. He is 6'3 and 120kgs. He totally LOVES it when this twink puts him through the emotional ringer.

Don't ask me why but it seems to be some sort of cathartic process that allows him to just let it all out. He has been known to simultaneous cry and cum at the same time.

Plus he absolutely can not get enough of the amber liquid.

Another celeb I once did liked to be ridden like a horse. As in he would get on all fours, I would sit on his back whilst a rope was in his mouth like a set of reins and I would "walk" him around the room. He liked to be called "My Little Pony".

Takes all types ;)

(2CW) Is fetish play a big part of your personal lifestyle?

Yes and No. I really do enjoy fetish play but it is the same old story of so many younger guys not being into it.

Thankfully, I have buds who are into Leather Play so I get to indulge in that on a regular basis. But other than that - nada.

Younger guys - be adventurous ya great pussies !!!

(2CW) Well mate this is now part 3 on here. I hear a Part 4 calling!!

LOL .... anytime. Love the blog and happy to visit whenever you want Damien.

Our thanks here at 2 Cents Worth Down Under to Simon and hope you all enjoy this little look into the life of a professional sex worker.




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