Sunday, 22 August 2010

.....Profile......... Adult Actor...... Mr Sean Storm...

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Today on 2 Cents we have a profile that I have been thinking about for a LONG time. I finally got up the courage and approached one of my fave porn stars of all time - Mr Sean Storm - and he has agreed to be profiled by little ol' me and I could not be happier.

I have been a fan of this guy for all of his career. His enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment for his job shows in his performances and puts a LOT of other "actors" in the porn biz to shame.
Sean started off in mainstream porn but eventually moved into bareback porn and started his own studio. He is also an escort who I have no doubt is in HUGE demand.

Controversial? Maybe - but let's meet the man behind that oh so delectable little bum.


(2CW) Firstly, allow me to gush - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! - after Joey Stefano you are my FAVOURITE bottom in porn. Agreeing to do a profile for me is just a HUGE thing and I appreciate you giving me your time.

WOW! I'm blushing a bit. I couldn't agree more with you about Joey Stefano. He was one of the first guys I used to beat off to when I first came out. Him, Kris Lord and Matt Gunther were the guys who did it for me.

(2CW) Now - tell us a little about yourself. Which part of the USA are you in and how did you get started in the Adult Business?

I live in Ft Lauderdale right now, but am originally from Peoria IL. I got started in the biz doing solo jerk-off stuff for Citiboyz Video back in 1999. My big break in the majors came with Centaur Films in 2001 when I shot MAN ACADEMY for them.

(2CW) Do your friends and family know what you do? How do they feel about it?

I am fortunate in that my family knows about my videos, and they have been incredibly supportive of my non-traditional career path. As with any caring parent, they just care about my safety and only wish the best for me. I would also say that all my friends know what I do, too. So I've been very lucky in that I haven't had to hide too much.

(2CW) Are you partnered? If so , is your partner in the biz and if not what does he think about it? If you are single? What do you look for in a man ? :)

Good news for any of my fans who wish to woo me: I am single. ;-)

What I look for most in a man, other than having an attraction to him, is someone who doesn't take himself too seriously. Men who are too wrapped up in their own egos don't appeal to me. At all.

(2CW) I read your are studying Film & TV production is that correct? How is that going?

That must have been an older interview, lol. I am no longer studying Film and TV. I realized I enjoy things in front of the camera too much. A dream of mine is to get a cameo part acting in an indie movie. So if anyone in South Florida is shooting a non-porn film, look me up. ;-)

(2CW) Tell us about your first porn scene. How was it? Were you nervous? Was it a positive experience?

My first porn scene was a solo for Citiboyz Video (FRATBOY SEAN & HIS ALL STARS). The director of the company was also just starting out, so we were both new to the porn scene and didn't have many nervous moments. But when I did my first fuck scene for a major studio (Centaur's MAN ACADEMY) I was beyond nervous. In fact, I was so freaked out that I got sick days before the shoot with a cold. But I healed up just in time for that first cock in my hole (Tuck Johnson..YUM).

(2CW) What do you think would be the biggest negative stereotype about adult performers?

That we are all dumb, drugged-out idiots. Granted, many are just that, but I've found that there are actually more solid men out there in the biz with brains that are successful beyond just the fuck stuff.

(2CW) Who are some of the performers / studios you have really enjoyed working with and why?

I really enjoyed working for Centaur, which is why I've done something like 7 movies for them. I also really liked Raging Stallion. Director Chris Ward had the most amazing way with models, and it was so much fun to work for him. As for models, Brad McGuire was fun to get creamed by, and Gavin Parker was also very fun to play around with when we boned each other in SLOPPY SECONDS.

(2CW) Without naming names - tell us about some of the NOT so great times you have had on set. What are your pet peeves when working on set?

The worst experiences I have had were with the gay-for-pay guys. I can't tell you how much it sucks to have a guy who needs to get hard looking at pussy magazines first in order to get hard enough to stiff me. Then a few minutes later have to wait for him to get hard again once it goes soft. There becomes such a disconnect that it becomes very difficult to carry on any conversation, let alone chemistry.

(2CW) You also escort. Was that a natural extension of being in films or did you do that BEFORE you got into films?

It was an extension of doing the films and stripping on the circuit.

(2CW) Does escorting keep you busy? Do you have mainly regular or one-visit clients?

I mainly see regular clients these days, though a couple times during the year I will put myself on Rentboy to attract new clients. But mostly my clients email me directly after having seen me in movies. "Doing" my fans are my favorite clients. They treat me well and we have fun, whereas an hourly guy who hires me who doesn't know I do porn usually does respect me like my fan-based clients do.

(2CW) Ever get stage fright with a client or on screen?

During those shoots there are so many time you stop and start that the initial trigger points that get you hard cease eventually. Thank GOD for little blue pills.

(2CW) You have a really sweet little bum. Is it genetics or did you do some serious time in the gym for that little piece of bubble? :):)

Thanks, glad my backside still does it for you. ;-)

It's all genetics, but I think I better start doing the gym, too. It's my best asset and I need to make sure it keeps me going for a few more years.

(2CW) Do you have a day job?

My whole world is pretty much adult biz since I have my own company.

(2CW) Now I see you are a BIG Harry Potter fan? Have you enjoyed the films? Are you a Ron or Harry fan? Which one would you do ? :)

Gosh, I know this sounds weird, but I'd like to do it with Ron, Harry AND Draco....and the black boy. Would be fun to have all flavors at, dark-hair, blondie, dark-skinned. YUM. Um, and to clarify: I would only do them now that they are all of legal age.

(2CW) How do you like to relax?

Reading a good book is great. Also, I love to do crosswords.

(2CW) OK - onto the somewhat controversial stuff - you appear in bareback porn now and have started your own bareback porn production company. There is a dichotomy in the gay community that we LOVE to watch bareback porn - the studios that produce bareback porn are NOT going hungry - and yet we have a virus in the community that is spread by bareback sex. There are three camps at the moment. Those pro-condom ONLY, those pro-personal choice, and those who support bareback porn. What are your thoughts on barebacking and the more contentious issues such as "bareback porn spreads HIV" - "barebackers should be ashamed because it spreads HIV" - etc. Feel free to go into as much detail as you wish.

Definitely personal choice. As a performer, I hated the idea of a company telling me what kind of porn I could or could not do. With that said, a performer should be responsible enough to provide an HIV test if asked. And if the person IS positive, he should be responsible and only do a film if his viral load is undetectable or low. And to take it a step further beyond HIV, a performer shouldn't knowingly show up with syph or gonorrhea, etc.

(2CW) We have now seen mainstream studios like Jake Cruise and Chaos Men and others producing bareback content - but with the AIM warning (meaning their models are tested within an inch of their lives). Do you think there is a double standard that exists in porn? Especially if we bring hetero porn into the argument as they haven't used condoms in porn EVER I don't think.

Yeah, a double standard for sure. It's not a gay disease, as we've been reminded for over two decades now.

(2CW) Have we become complacent with HIV education? There is a misperception out there that HIV is now simply a chronic illness that no one dies from. Young gay and bi guys seem to have an attitude that "If I get it Ill take the drugs and I'll be fine". Do you think we are keeping them as informed as we could about HIV, Meds, Side Effects etc?

Not sure it's complacency so much as there is an incredible desire for us to enjoy the pleasure of how real, raw sex feels. But its all such a personal decision, and unless there is a return to people dying in mass numbers and in ugly ways, the option to take medication in order to enjoy bareback sex may be more attractive to some.

(2CW) Now for the 2 Cents quickies..................

Top / Bottom?.......................
I am best as a bottom, but I have just recently started topping, too...and MMMMM, IT FEELS GOOD!

Fave fetish? (if any)..................
I love armpits.

Leather or vanilla?..................
Mostly I am vanilla, but not always.

Rubbered or Raw? .........................
LOVE it Raw

One or one / or Group? ...........................
I like one on one the best, unless the group is all tops lined up ready to fuck me

Public or Private? ............................

Fave part of the day for sex? ........................
Love waking up to a cumload to my butt.

Behind or In Front of the camera? .................
You don't even have to ask this one: LOVE the digital memories!

Amateur or Pro-Studio Porn?.....................
I get off to the amateur stuff.

Favourite Drink? .............................
Water, actually

Favourite Food? ................................
My guilty pleasure is pizza

Favourite Porn Performer? Besides yourself Smile emoticon .........................
I don't even know who the condom stars are nowadays, but that Christian guy from Treasure Island is a hottie.

Favourite way to relax? ......................................
A nice rubdown by experienced hands.

If a guy sees you out at a bar, what should he NOT do to get your attention? .......................
He shouldn't cut me off by blocking my way to wherever I am going. And if I am standing still, he shouldn't invade my personal space too quickly.

(2CW) Sean - it has been an absolute pleasure having you here on the blog. And I hope that will consider coming back and doing a Part 2 for us. There are SO many more questions I could ask but didn't want to be too pushy :)

Absolutely any time you want me, you can have me. ;-)

Well there you have it 2 Center's - I look forward to reading your comments and ask that - as always - you be the respectful visitors to this blog you have always been, even if you disagree with any of the points in this profile.



Sue said...

I LOVE interviews and this guy was super, until I read that he likes it raw. Oh well, it is his life. Who am I to judge? But he won't be finding himself on my blog. Great interview Lord Damien!

Damien Oz said...

Lady Sue - you know we do not make aspersions on personal choices here - and I actually fell in love with Sean during his early condom films - HOWEVER - I can not deny the man doing his own thing.

At least he is making an informed decision and actively chooses not to put others at risk and is always up front.

Glad you liked the profile :) He is an interesting guy and I love getting behind the porn star and discovering the person :)

Travis said...

Great interview. I have to admit though, despite being a porno junkie, I hadn't heard of Sean before.... my loss, it seems.

Damien Oz said...

Travis - time for research :)

Wonder Man said...

lucky, lucky

MJ said...

Love waking up to a cumload to my butt.

Now there’s something I’ve never said.

Stephen said...

Great interview... hot guy.
Now I can't stand up from my desk.

thegayte-keeper said...

Do you have any videos of him?

happyblogger2010 said...


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