Saturday, 30 November 2013

So Trek Saturday ... Weyoun ... Megapost ...

As a life long Trekker I am basically an expert on ALL the characters in Trek.

Yes I am THAT geek.

However, my ultimate favourite is Weyoun - the Vorta representative of the Dominion - from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Jeffrey Combs had the honour of playing several characters in Star Trek.  His nuanced portrayal of Weyoun made him the Character Actor of Character Actors in my opinion.

Weyoun was a beautifully written character of many layers and they needed an actor of high talent to portray him.  Jeffrey Combs didn't just portray him.  Jeffrey Combs BECAME Weyoun.  There was no Jeffrey Combs in the performance.  As the great Character Actors did before him - Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Gene Hackman, Shirley Maclaine - Mr Combs morphed into Weyoun and a beautifully realised character emerged.

Jeffrey Combs should have been nominated and won an Emmy award for his performance as a supporting actor in a drama series.  Yes, Star Trek is a drama, simply set in outer space rather than a legal office or hospital or the White House.

Thank you Mr Combs.  Your talent is clear and beautifully handled.  Thank you for such a wonderful character - and a wonderful suite of characters.

And a funny :)

And now Weyoun in action.........................

And the man himself........... Mr Jeffrey Combs......... Wielder of the art.......


Anonymous said...

Um, penultimate means second to last. Does that mean he's your second least favorite?

Damien said...

Oops - shouldnt blog when buzzed on red wine :)

Thank you for the heads up :)