Monday, 19 January 2015

My 2 Cents Worth....Porn Is Not Evil ......

We do a lot of shaming in this community;
  • Fat-shaming
  • Slut-shaming
  • Truvada-shaming
  • Race-shaming
  • Trans-shaming
  • Age-shaming
Let's talk Porn shaming. 

Really Rose?!  Really?????

OK, so we're all grown ups here so here is how it goes.......

Stop it.  Just stop it.

I am not going to even go into the BILLIONS of dollars a year spent on the consumption of porn.
I am not going to even go into the THOUSANDS of blogs dedicated to porn; porn performers, and/or nudes.
I am not going to even go into the HUNDREDS of professional adult actors who routinely turn up for work and do the job that allows us to spank our monkeys on a regular basis.

And here is what we really are not going to do.

We are not going to shame people who do porn.
We are not going to shame people for the type of porn they do.
We are not going to shame the use of the word porn and instead use the pasteurised version "adult entertainment".  We can use either, or both.  Neither is a "dirty word".

We are not going to shame people who like or do porn.

Porn - made with consenting adults - is an industry that is not "dirty".
Porn is an industry that supplies jobs.  Many jobs.
Porn is an industry that values safety.  In spite of the small number of high profile HIV infections, the Porn/Adult Industry has a better safety record than Construction, Nursing, Public Transportation and even Teaching.  It makes news because it is fundamentally about sex.  And sex sells.

Porn is porn.  It is an Industry.  It is the Supply that meets Demand.  It is a culture in and of itself that sits within our own culture.

Porn - and those who do it and/or watch it - are not evil.

Stop demonising those in it, and those who like it.

We can and must do better as a community.

And that's my 2 Cents Worth.




Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head...thanks for the post.


Damien said...

I'm kinda getting back into my "opinionated" groove lol.

jlo said...

Well said.

Jimmy said...

How long is a porn star's career? I've always wondered. Do you have an answer? Just curious.

LeNair Xavier said...

It is quite obvious that you are someone who has NOT worked in the industry, and seen the evil of what it is LIKE I HAVE. For you gave the all too overused excuse to let this industry go on the destructive road it does.

I have done videos for the organization, and have always been honest about the fact that I have no problem with porn IN GENERAL. It's the INDUSTRY that is the problem, and why I left.

For porn is ANY material made showing people nude, usually with the purpose to titillate. With that said, even if they don't admit it, Playgirl Magazine is porn. But I have no problem with it because it's solely that male on display. Porn movies are a different story, which is why I'm careful about the movies and scenes I watch. For the laziness of porn directors has made them hire prostitutes, instead of REAL exhibitionists.

So before you go giving the industry a pass, because you are one of those demanding porn and giving NO CARE to the mental and physical well-being of those in front of the camera, why don't you have sex with someone you're NOT attracted to? Let it be recorded so the whole world can see your dead eyes! I've done it a couple of times. That's why I know it's emotionally damaging in the long run. So when you do that, AND can HONESTLY say that you're proud of yourself, THEN you can make a case for the porn industry. Until that time, you are just another on the outside looking in who hasn't got a clue of what they're defending. I know because I was once where you are before I got in the industry. And while in the industry, I tried vehemently to deny it.

Let me close by giving my apologies for such a long reply. But I seem to be the voice that is NOT commenting on this post that needs to be heard. Thank you.

Damien said...

LeNaire - I will respond to this in a separate post. You have given a serious response with integrity, and I want to give my response the respectful attention you deserve.

I won't respond right now,because I want to do it appropriately, but I will in a couple of days.

I want to reply in a way that is respectful of YOUR views and is not flippant in any manner.

Can we agree to that?

Damien said...

Apologies, I added an e on the end of your name.

LeNair Xavier said...

Yes Damien, we can agree on that.

Let me add that the industry preys on the desperation for validation and willingness to please their superiors naturally found in many young people. For this reason, I try to lessen my harshness in judging porn actors in their early 20's. Instead, I place most of my shaming on porn producers and directors putting these young people in these situations, like a street pimp does to their prostitutes. Hence why substance abuse by porn actors is so big behind the scenes of the industry.